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Empowering dental professionals to
track, manage, and purchase supplies

At Sowingo, our mission is to transform healthcare offices by offering dental and medical professionals with simple and easy tools for purchase and manage inventory supplies to reduce practice costs.

Dr. Paul Bhatti, DDS, MD

Chief Executive Officer

Our advisory board

Our advisory board is passionate about building technologies that bring the dental and medical field to new heights. We’re leading the charge with forward thinkers in the dental, medical, and tech space to create intuitive solutions.

Howard Gwin Portrait
Howard Gwin

Advisory Board Leader

Peter Smith Portrait
Peter Smith

Advisory Board Member

Daniel Lee Portrait
Daniel Lee

Advisory Board Member

Diana Goodwin Portrait
Diana Goodwin

Advisory Board Member

Derek Szeto Portrait
Derek Szeto

Advisory Board Member

Our company values

These values are true to who we are, what we represent, and what we endorse as our company continues to expand and bring on new talent. 

We can do anything

We challenge ourselves to question the status quo, to find opportunities, and to build a company that fosters creativity and innovation in everyone. 

Stay connected

We are proud to have a team of individuals who invest in each other and practice empathy to create a workplace where everyone feels valued and respected. 

Teamwork is foundational

We nurture a supportive environment where all perspectives are appreciated, communication is key, and where collaboration leads to the collective success of the company. 

Take risks

We invite everyone to take risks and bring big ideas to the table, knowing they’ll be supported in championing these ideas to life. 

Take the lead

We empower everyone to push their boundaries, find new ways to create value, and own the process of prioritizing, solving, and executing on it. 

We celebrate diversity

We celebrate the diversity, equity, and inclusion of all employees by actively encouraging diverse opinions and discussions.

Sowingo's Commitment to DEI:

At Sowingo, we strive to provide a positive and safe work environment for all of our employees. We believe that committing to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) leads to a constructive and collaborative work experience as a whole. We recognize the importance of acknowledging our employees’ diverse perspectives in order to grow, both as a company and as individuals. Through our company values, we commit to providing equitable opportunities for all current and future employees regardless of race, gender identity and/or expression, ability, ethnicity, sexual orientation, national origin, age, and class.

The perks of working at Sowingo

Sowingo offers great benefits and perks to help our staff live a balanced lifestyle that is flexible and inclusive of everyone.

Career growth

Career path mentoring, bonuses, equity, and autonomy give you direct control over your career trajectory.

Flexible vacation

Annual vacation, winter holidays, personal days, and sick days allow you to prevent burnout and enjoy a work-life balance.

Remote first

We offer flexible working options to support remote, in-office, or hybrid models to suit your working style.

Autonomy & trust

You have complete autonomy over time and workflow as we believe in measuring success by individual output.

Health and dental benefits

Extensive benefits coverage inclusive of a flex account allows you to spend on a variety of different categories.

Company events

To maintain a strong work culture, we offer both virtual and local events to stay connected and have fun.

Sowingo's Take-8

Here at Sowingo, we not only recognize hard work, but we also reward it. In creating Take-8, we encourage our employees to take a day off and do something fun, and share it with the team.

Sowingo's Take-8 images

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