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Benefits of Going Digital in the Dental Industry

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20 years ago, it was very common for most dental practices to be using chemical x-ray processors and dated paper charts. As modern digital trends started to emerge in dentistry, there were initially concerns about patient privacy, quality, accessibility, and function/integration with existing older systems.

If you’re one of the few remaining dental practices that’s still using non-digital methods to run a dental office then here are a few reasons why it’s time to finally upgrade and get with the growing pains of going digital in the modern age.

Your Office will Run More Efficiently

Add up all the time that staff spends pouring 3D models, processing x-rays, pulling and filing dental charts, or faxing over legal insurance information – it can be overwhelming. Being able to do all those manual processes digitally can save your staff hours a week, which in return saves you money and time. That’s also more time to talk to your patients and personalize dental services.

Never Lose a Chart Again!

How many times has your office assistant scoured your office from top to bottom looking for that one chart of a dental patient you had just seen a day or two before? With a digital chart system, you’ll never misplace their records again! The patient information is easy to pull up in any room at any time, simple quick and easy.

Communicate Efficiently with Labs and Specialists

Now that complex 3D impressions can be sent directly over to the lab, and photographs can easily be emailed for referrals, you can cut down on the time between patient appointments without compromising quality of care in your dental office.

Everything is Accessible Through the Cloud

Have you ever had a patient calling you in the middle of the night with a dental emergency? Of course, if your practice management software is cloud based, you can hop onto your laptop to pull up their records through the internet and give them direct recommendations instead of playing a guessing game over the phone. In an emergency situation, this can be critical information to have. You can look at the schedule to find exactly what is the best time for them to come into the office.

When it comes to the cost of shifting to digital dentistry, you can’t afford not to do it.

We highly recommend using Sowingo to get started on seamlessly transitioning your office from the stone age into the modern era.

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