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Implant Market Insights: Is Your Practice Ready To Reach New Heights?


Market trends in dentistry can tell us not just where the industry is — but where its going. And the dental implant market will undoubtedly reach new heights based on a few key trends.


The global dental implant market size is expected to reach USD 8 billion by 2028. Even with a decline in 2020 of over 36% compared to 2019, the global market is intended to make a quick recovery and reach pre-COVID levels by the end of 2022. This growth is anticipated not only by an ageing demographic but also by technological advancements that offer general practitioners the opportunity to be a part of this multi-billion dollar market.


Dental implants have been an effective treatment option for replacing teeth of partly or entirely edentulous patients for over 30 years. Key players are adopting industry-leading approaches, and with advanced treatment planning options, surgical guides, and implant management software, techniques are continuously evolving and improving. And improved techniques directly affect dental implant success rates.


The current success rates of dental implants are significantly high compared to other tooth replacement options. To meet the growing demand, more and more dentists are training in the specialty of implants, and therefore, they can integrate dental implant procedures into their practices. Thanks to industry-related advancements, implants are intended to last a lifetime and offer significant long-term value. Titanium implants make up approximately 70% of the global market, and patients widely recognize their success. 


As patient awareness and education evolve, the demand for implant procedures continues to increase. A significant contributing factor to the popularity of dental implants is that even though they are an investment upfront, patients will not have to invest in maintenance beyond routine oral health care. But many dental implants pass their expiration dates on the shelf before reaching their intended use. A growing number of dentists are being trained in implant procedures to be a player in this highly successful and profitable specialty, so they must take complete control of their implant inventory. Why take one step forward and two steps back?

Understandably, growing revenue isnt always easily attainable. But the dental implant market is considered eminently valuable as its well-known for its profit margins. If your practice is taking the necessary steps to offer higher valued procedures, ensure the proper systems are in place so it can reach new heights in this competitive and lucrative market. 

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