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The Advantage of Implant Placement Reports


The introduction of dental implants marked one of the most significant advancements in the history of dentistry. Dentists and specialists who place implants work diligently to provide a positive experience for patients, leading to not only a healthy smile, but a highly productive practice.


What you do requires an unmatched level of experience and expertise, and you want to be able to spend as much time ensuring your patients receive the level of care they deserve. Optimal care starts with having the right supplies in stock, an effective inventory management system to track them, and access to real-time data reports to help understand production trends. 


It’s important to remember that what you do today will help you succeed tomorrow, which proves true regarding inventory management. The ability to log and monitor patient data through a cloud-based system, including the number of implants placed per doctor, is beneficial for your practice to look ahead and plan for the future – rather than looking back, wishing you did things differently.


Implant reporting in your practice is helpful for quickly accessing information and analyzing implant cases and can attribute implants removed from the system to a specific surgeon. The production report will enable practice team members to see how many implants that particular doctor has placed month over month or year over year. It also allows users to accurately log and track patient data, lot numbers, implant insertion and removal dates, referrals, recalls, and more. 


Another significant advantage of implant placement reports is that it provides instant access to real-time data to help navigate trends of when your practice hits its peak production months. On the flip side, it’s valuable to determine and understand slower months, assisting the team in planning more efficiently. For example, when preparing future budgets, you have the knowledge and accurate data to help you stay in complete control of your overall spending and usage patterns. 


Understanding when production is slower than usual can also help team members plan more effectively for time off. If you know certain months are slower than others, it can help relieve unwanted stress or scheduling complications instead of team members requesting desired time off during heightened production periods. Additionally, lower production months are a prime opportunity to realign and focus marketing efforts to attract high revenue patients and increase the number of implant-related treatments in your office. There is likely a largely untapped market of patients that you can reach if you handle your dental implant marketing properly. 


Organizing, managing, and tracking implant-related cases and supplies, and understanding production trends, takes commitment. If you’re looking to improve consistency, consider implementing a robust inventory management system and reap the rewards.

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