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5 Benefits to Look for in Dental Practice Management Software

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Dental practice management software can streamline your operations and improve the patient experience. Many practices are familiar with the problem of using several systems to keep your office running smoothly.

This can be time-consuming for staff, and there is more chance of making errors when switching between systems. This can affect patient satisfaction and may affect your overall profitability.

Read on to learn how dental practice software can help improve your business.

1. Dental Practice Management Software Saves Money

Every dental practice has excellent customer service at the heart of its company. But, this goal is more difficult to achieve if you are not making enough money to invest back in your business.

If you use multiple systems, each one is likely to have an upfront cost and possibly an ongoing monthly fee.

While one system price may seem reasonable, this can add up when you need to pay for another two or three services.

Also, many practices keep records of their purchases in a way that makes it hard to see exactly how much you are spending each month. This means costs can gradually add up without you noticing the effect on your bottom line.

By the time you realize how much money you spend, you may have already entered into agreements with suppliers. However, if you have a more transparent system, you’ll know what orders you can cut back on.

Dental software should allow you to view your expenditure at all times on multiple devices. For example, rather than storing the records on one computer in an office, you can use modern systems and view the details on a mobile app.

When you have 24/7 access, you can see which aspects of your business are costing too much. You could also view which products are selling well, and you can then purchase larger amounts when it’s time to reorder.

2. Keeps Track of Inventory

Aside from knowing how much your orders are costing, you also need to keep track of when you made an order and when it arrived. This helps you decide if your current supplier is meeting your needs.

An effective dental inventory management solution also offers the ability to scan item barcodes when you receive a product, instantly adding it to your database.

When a dentist uses the item, they can scan the barcode again to remove it from your inventory list. This is a simple way of updating your records and reduces the risk of mistakes.

A barcode scanner takes seconds to use, and a dentist can even complete the process while the patient is in the chair.

Dentists and their assistants are busy, and it’s easy to forget to update a paper record or complete a computer spreadsheet.

3. Maintains Accurate Records

There are many types of dental practice software, but one of the most important tasks for any system is to keep accurate records.

Dentists need to adhere to strict regulatory standards, and records must be available for inspection at all times. If you are working with multiple systems or programs, it can be challenging to coordinate the data.

However, you can purchase a system that allows you to keep patient records, inventory details, and staff electronic records in one place. This option means you can call up many pieces of information at the touch of a button on an app.

Not only is this ideal when preparing for inspections, but you can also view your entire dental practice operation using a single software program.

When new staff comes on board, they will find it much easier to learn about one system than multiple programs.

This further reduces the chance of an error as new employees add details to the system while getting used to your business.

4. Provides Important Reminders

Appointment management for dentists is crucial for the welfare of your patients. If a staff member forgets to send out a letter or make a phone call to a patient, they could miss out on vital dental care.

These errors could lead to patients going to another practice, and your reputation could suffer. When you use effective appointment software for dentists, you can benefit from automatic reminders.

This does not only apply to patients. Your staff may also require essential training to perform their duties, and you can set alerts to schedule when this is due.

When a contractor performs equipment maintenance, you can set the system to remember when the next service is due. This is an excellent feature for ensuring you, your staff, and your devices are compliant with regulations.

5. Provides Access to an Online Marketplace

Dental software doesn’t have to only relate to administration. It can also help you to purchase products at cost-effective prices. Not only can this help financially, but it can be more convenient than dealing with multiple suppliers.

Imagine how convenient it would be to order immediately after receiving an alert that you need to reorder supplies.

You could instantly log on to the marketplace, purchase your items, and view a delivery date in a matter of minutes.

A single marketplace is a great place to find products from the best manufacturers, so you know you’re always getting quality goods.

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Dental practice management software can prove a fantastic addition to your business. It can increase efficiency and reduce costs in a short space of time.

Your staff can benefit from streamlined processes, and you can ensure you stay compliant with all regulations. In addition, you could save substantial amounts of money at the same time.

To see how dental practice software can benefit your business, get in touch with the Sowingo team and book your demo today.

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