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A More Productive Practice In Just One Hour


Take a minute to reflect on how your dental practice manages your implant-related supplies. Are your inventory protocols effective? Are said protocols increasing productivity and eliminating downtime? Is your practice staying on budget when it comes to ordering supplies? Just as implant treatment requires precision, so does the management of implant-related inventory.


Dental practices that offer implant treatments should always strive for an effective way to keep track of implant-related inventory. This inventory includes what’s in stock, what to order, and what is readily available prior to upcoming treatments. The overall goal of an optimized implant inventory management system should be to establish a verifiable process that helps achieve both efficiency and profitability.


Depending on the size of the practice, multiple team members could be in charge of overseeing the ordering and tracking process. This includes performing routine checks and ensuring that supplies are sufficiently stocked. Manual inventory protocols are time-consuming without an automated platform, and logging or tagging takes away crucial time that team members could spend focusing more intently on optimal patient care.


If there’s room for improvement in managing your implant inventory more efficiently, establishing protocols using digital implant inventory management software can change how you think about your implant-related inventory. Integrating an implant inventory management system may seem like a daunting process –– but it’s important to remember that the advantages of an automated system will outweigh the task at hand. 


Did you know that the average dental practice can quickly get up and running with an efficient cloud-based inventory management system within one hour?


The first step in the process begins with centralizing the inventory. An abundance of supplies is necessary for implant-related cases, including implants, abutments, membranes, bone grafts, and more. If inventory protocols become mismanaged, it can ultimately affect the practice’s overall productivity. Inventory software provides a real-time view of stock levels once dental inventory is scanned into the system. For example, Sowingo’s implant inventory management system automatically recognizes product QR codes from certified manufacturers, making the process quick and painless. 


A productive and profitable workflow in a dental practice is highly dependent on how the entire team manages inventory. Implant inventory management software can set your practice up for even more success by eliminating unnecessary wastage, reducing the risk of human error, avoiding products expiring, enhancing the patient experience, and the overall productivity of the practice.

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