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Find Inventory Management Techniques That Work For You


It’s safe to assume that every practice owner has experienced overwhelming feelings of frustration by the laborious inventory management process. To stay in control of your inventory and provide top-notch care to your valued patients, it’s essential to implement effective inventory management techniques. 


Depending on the size of your practice, there is likely one or more people in charge of overseeing the ordering and tracking process, performing routine checks, and ensuring that supplies are sufficiently stocked. The pen-and-paper system can often become complicated and time-consuming without an automated platform. A manual logging or tagging process takes away valuable time from team members that could be otherwise dedicated to focusing more intently on optimal patient care. 


Establishing set protocols using inventory management software can change how you think about your dental inventory entirely. With a scan in, scan out system, team members can quickly scan the product’s code to add or remove it from the inventory using a user-friendly mobile app. When shipments are delivered to the office, simply scan all barcodes to place them into your inventory, and after an item is used, scan the barcode once again to remove it. This process will automatically and accurately sync your remaining stock levels with the inventory management software. 


Ultimately, scanning will be different for each practice. It’s not necessarily about when the most appropriate time is to scan products — but how to fit this scanning system into your processes. 


Scanning and tracking supplies may be performed for some practices while prepping for the upcoming appointment. This allows you to reflect on the case ahead and ensure that you are thoroughly prepared. For others, supplies may be scanned during a case or procedure — but this could prove problematic. While being so focused on the procedure at hand, its possible to forget to scan the items, which would negatively affect your inventory and your bottom line. A bin system for your inventory is also an effective method. This process includes placing used products throughout the day in a dedicated bin, and after the final appointment of the day is completed, products can be scanned out. 


No matter what system you implement when scanning your inventory supply, it’s important to ensure supplies are tracked efficiently and adequately. As long as the method fits your process, it’s the right process for you and your team.

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