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Get Organized With Set Inventory Management Protocols


It’s been said that organization isn’t about perfection, and it’s true. Organization is about efficiency, reducing stress and clutter, saving valuable time and money, and improving the overall functionality of your practice.


Managing the inventory of your dental practice can be challenging if it’s not managed efficiently. It can quickly spiral out of control, leaving your limited storage space cluttered and disorganized. An abundance of essential products and supplies are needed to run a successful practice, from everyday sundries to specialist materials. Despite the vast benefits of an organized inventory room, many practices fail to implement and take advantage of proper organizational protocols. 


While one of our main goals at Sowingo is to provide streamlined inventory management solutions, the software will only offer optimal benefits if your practice is set up for success. And this is directly related to your storage locations. A dedicated inventory room with properly labelled sections, bins, and products will enhance your practice’s workflow. Just because you’ve invested in technology to streamline and automate your processes doesn’t mean that it will work. It’s imperative to set up an effective routine in the office that cohesively functions with your inventory management system and your storage space. 


To ensure that your practice workflow operates smoothly, one person should be dedicated to managing your centralized inventory location. Having multiple team members dealing with inventory can create operational challenges. This person should handle the storage room organization and perform routine inventory checks to ensure the stock levels are aligned appropriately with the data in your inventory management software. 


Additionally, your practice should set proper inventory scanning guidelines. It’s simple — your dedicated inventory team member can quickly scan the product’s code to add or remove it from your practice inventory using the Sowingo app. When your office receives a shipment, all that’s required is to scan the barcodes to place them into your inventory. After using an item, it’s essential to remember to scan the barcode to remove it from your inventory. This will automatically sync your remaining stock levels with the inventory management software. 


While usage of individual supplies varies, and exact monthly usage can’t always be predicted, certain items are used regularly. There is a fine line between being overstocked and understocked, and finding the appropriate balance is crucial. By implementing inventory management protocols, you can stay on top of your stock levels with assistance from customized alerts. 


The benefits of organizing your supplies with the help of software allow you to effectively control your inventory, reduce wastage, and build accountability.

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