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How To Prep Your Practice For Trade Show Bulk Purchases


Dental trade shows are a valuable experience to gather all of the different aspects of the industry together — dentists, dental team members, suppliers, distributors, manufacturers, and more. It’s an excellent opportunity to see the latest advancements in products and services, meet new exhibitors and key industry players, and connect with colleagues. But if attendees aren’t prepared, the long hours of navigating each exhibitor booth can become an overwhelming experience.


It’s essential to identify why you’re attending the conference in the first place to ensure you get the most bang for your buck. From the moment the trade show floor opens to when the doors close, there’s a high likelihood that you will make crucial buying decisions for your practice – and this is why having a strategy for what you’re looking to purchase ahead of time is vital. 


As lovely as it is to stroll the exhibit floor and browse new products and services casually, an advanced strategy can be impactful when interacting with potential vendors. Setting goals, creating an itinerary, reviewing the show program, and identifying what you’d like to accomplish will help prepare you for your visit and the possibility of making bulk purchase decisions for your practice.


Even though the sales environment is different, vendors’ selling process is the same. Companies use trade shows to network with industry professionals to increase sales and profits on all products and services. But to make well-informed decisions for your practice, particularly relating to your inventory, it’s beneficial to utilize the user-friendly tools of an effective inventory management system. 


Without an efficient inventory management system, you could make rash buying decisions that will impact the profitability of your practice. An inventory management software that accurately defines your usage and production and tracks the supplies you currently have on hand can help you decide what to purchase, especially when intriguing show deals catch your attention. Preparing your inventory for bulk purchases is highly recommended before attending as well. It’s the ideal time to reevaluate your current inventory, make necessary adjustments to save on costs, and efficiently organize your dedicated inventory storage location to make room for new products and supplies. 


Getting the most out of a dental trade show requires more planning than you might expect. Whether you’re a trade show expert or a first-time attendee, it’s crucial to show up prepared — but remember, it’s equally important to prepare your inventory! 

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