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The Benefits of Transferring Inventory Between Multiple Locations


Running a successful dental practice is no easy task. Alongside continuously striving to enhance your clinical skills, you must be professional, organized, communicative, a good listener, a team leader, and more. Even though you’re an expert at providing patients with optimal clinical care, it can be easy to become overwhelmed with the day-to-day, routine operations. That being said, a best practice approach should always remain top of mind.


Dental teams must thoroughly prepare any administrative or clinical task associated with each scheduled patient in advance. Its imperative for all dental practices to stay organized in every aspect of the business, especially regarding inventory management. But what happens when you unexpectedly realize that you aren’t as prepared as you thought you were? 

Consider this: You arrive at the office for yet another busy day, with a full schedule of back-to-back patients. As you prepare for your next patient, you realize that, unfortunately, you’ve run out of an essential product needed for the appointment. If the appointment is already underway, it now comes to a complete stop, and an assistant must run to the storage area to frantically search for the missing supply — only to come up short. It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to get the specific product from a supplier quickly, and now you’re left with an untreated and unsatisfied patient in your chair. 


Implementing scalable procurement processes for Dental Service Organizations (DSO) and group practices can contribute to highly effective practice efficiencies across multiple locations. A proper inventory management system offers the opportunity to treat individual practice inventory as one consolidated inventory supply. A significant benefit of this feature is the ability to transfer products between locations. DSO and group practices have the visibility of seeing exact inventory levels at each location and the ability to request a transfer for products to be sent over in time-sensitive situations quickly. 


With the ability to transfer products between locations, practices can see the transfer taking place, eliminating the need for time-consuming, manual work. Not only does this save team members valuable time, but it also saves the practice money. And although a profitable practice is always a top priority, treating your patients while avoiding operational challenges is equally vital. 


Implementing a proper inventory management system gives dental practices the proficiencies needed to excel. An ordering and tracking system ensures dental offices maintain the optimum level of supplies required for daily appointments and eliminates the possibility of running out of stock. Remember, staying organized in your office can make a big difference in helping your hectic days run more smoothly, and that an efficiently run practice, and an enjoyable experience, can leave your patients with a long-lasting, positive impression.

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