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Tips on Choosing Business Management Software for Dentists


Keeping your dental practice successful online requires the right software. Here are tips on choosing business management software for dentists.

Today, a successful dental practice requires management both in-person and online.

Of course, it’s important to maximize your client’s in-person experience. But without the right management software for dentists, you’re sure to run into problems. (Ones that could affect your bottom line.)

Fortunately, there are many awesome options for software out there that can make life easier.

Here are 4 tips for choosing the right management software for your business.

1. Outline Your Business Needs

The term management software covers a lot of different products. Most are calibrated towards one or two types of professionals, meaning one software could be great and another might not fit the bill.

For example: if you run a dental practice, you likely don’t need all the bells and whistles that a creative agency needs.

You might want software with a mobile interface that can run other apps your business is already using. But you might not need a section for deliverables, milestones, and YouTube or Vimeo integration like a media agency does.

By getting clear on what your business needs, you’ll be able to find the most effective product‚ÄĒand save money. Which brings us to tip #2…

2. Pick A Management Software Tool That Fits Your Budget

Business software ranges in price substantially. This is why getting clear on what you need it for is important so that you can reduce overhead costs.

In 2020, most software platforms use a subscription model. This means you pay monthly‚ÄĒeither a flat rate or in some cases, you pay per employee.

Determine how much money you can safely allocate to your business management software for dentists, and go from there. This way, you reduce unnecessary spending and narrow the playing field down to the software you can afford.

3. Compare and Contrast Products

What better way to find the right software for your dental practice than to try-before-you-buy? In many cases, you can.

After all, most¬†management software offers free trials. One week, two weeks, one month‚ÄĒit doesn’t really make a difference¬†how¬†long. The fact that you and your employees can give it a whirl before putting a credit card down is highly valuable.

As a small business, you may have to contact the company to get it set up, but it’s well worth the time investment if you wind up finding the right tool for your employees.

4. Ask Your Employees

It’s always a good idea to ask how your employees feel about the software. After all, you’re buying something that’s supposed to make their lives easier and your business more efficient.

After testing a few different products, ask questions like:

  • Which platform felt most comfortable?
  • Which platform was easiest to work with?
  • Which helped you perform your job the best?
  • Did it¬†increase your productivity?
  • Was there anything missing that you absolutely need to do your job?

Talking to patients might not be a bad idea, either. If you’re able to AB test different software, see which platform resulted in the most positive feedback from clients. That could be a good indicator of which software to go with.

Book a demo today to learn more about how Sowingo can help your dental practice succeed.

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