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10 Easy Ways to Save Time in Your Dental Practice


You might agree that it’s tough achieving regular productivity in dental practice. Increasing paperwork can become overwhelming while inventory management is a big demand.

Managing patients effectively is also not easy. Appointments may pile up while you tend to emergencies. Unexpected postponements may also frustrate your schedule.

You have to figure out how to save time to have all the dental operations flowing smoothly. Would you want to save time and increase efficiency? Find out how to increase efficiency and boost productivity in your dental practice with our tips.

1. Personalize Dental Consultations

One of the satisfying parts of dentistry is talking to patients through consultations. You always want to offer dental advice from the basics. But there’s a problem if you prolong consultations or provide a lot of oral instructions.

Consultations can consume a lot of time without actually helping the patients. Many patients can access oral hygiene tips from your website. It would save time if you personalized consultations based on the patient’s needs.

Ask open-ended questions to build conversations and help patients meet their oral hygiene goals. Be sure to keep scripts and templates for your conversations on hand to help them go quicker and smoother.

2. Automate Inventory Management

Inventory management is one of the most time-consuming tasks in any business. It becomes costly if you delegate it to an independent department.

You have to automate the process if you want to save time and improve efficiency. Use an inventory management tool to ease the pressure and stay updated on the flow of your stocks.

Inventory software helps to end the manual stock counts and ordering. You can capture all the shipped-in supplies in your virtual list within 10 minutes. All you have to is to scan barcodes of stock-ins or stock-outs to stay on top of your stock levels.

3. Adopt Frequently Asked Questions Sheets or Videos

Do you find yourself repeating the same instructions to different patients? Consultations are necessary but if the instructions become repetitive, you’ll feel drained and unproductive. You should consider using frequently asked question sheets.

Make the copies available in reception or waiting rooms and your website. If you’re ditching paper, you may use the waiting room TV to show educative videos that answer the FAQs.

4. Delegate to Save Time

Productivity and profits in a dental practice can be more attainable through delegation. Delegation gives you room to focus on the most profitable tasks of a dentist. You’ll free up time which you can maximize by helping patients directly.

For a dentist, it can be very easy to delegate. Have every team member deliver on their roles and focus only on dentistry tasks. In short, avoid doing the tasks that your assistants or hygienists are capable of doing.

5. Hire and Train Right

Successful delegation is only possible if you have the right staff and hygienists. An underperforming employee may need micromanagement and they’ll also waste countless hours. Here are some things you can do to bring on staff that is a good fit:

  • Make time management and planning skills a key rule when hiring
  • Delegate or outsource the hiring process to save your time
  • Build a culture of professionalism by trusting the capacity of your employees

You have to avoid paying a salary to someone who can’t meet your performance expectations. Hire right and have in place an employee orientation and training plan.

6. Plan Your Day and Focus on Your Objectives

Studies have shown that 84% of dentists have experienced burnout. Dr. Christina Maslach, a leading burnout researcher, emphasizes the evaluation of workload problems. She believes you should work in a way that works for you.

Your schedule influences how your days pan out and how you feel at the end of the day. Your productivity can only improve if you plan your day and focus on the preset schedule. Let the schedule reflect your job description and incorporate some breaks to allow for re-energizing.

7. Maximize Opportunity Lost

Sometimes your schedule is at the mercy of your patients. Your patient may cancel their appointment a few minutes before the scheduled time. A patient may arrive fifteen minutes late for their appointment or an emergency may need your attention.

If you want to save time, you have to take advantage of any unexpected schedule gaps. Is there a canceled appointment? Use the time to take on other pending tasks.

You could also use the time to attend to a patient who has unscheduled treatment. Pounce on every opportunity to achieve the most productivity.

8. Track Down the Stress Causers and Time Wasters

Better productivity is possible if you can overcome work stress and time wasters. Stress causes inefficiencies in your dental practice by hurting your concentration and draining energy. Try these things to reduce this issue:

  • Track down all the stress causers and time-wasters before you install new strategies
  • Audit daily plans and define the roles and responsibilities of every staff
  • Ask patients for suggestions on customer service improvements
  • Encourage openness and put in place communication improvements
  • Seek the contribution of the team when issues that hurt productivity arise

Activities that waste time can be a result of weak operational systems. These can include conflicting roles, manual appointments, lack of plans or inefficient staff.

9. Automate Appointment Scheduling

Did you know manual appointments can cause cancellations in dental practice? You can forget to remind patients of their appointment when using manual reminders. Reminders can also be time-consuming and tedious.

Consider adopting automated schedules and reminders to save time. Scheduling software can remove the hassle of following up with every patient. It can also allow for timely cancellations and rescheduling hence save time.

10. Reduce the Paper Work

How efficient are patient intake processes in your dental practice? If you’re still using paper intake forms then you need improvements. Paperwork uses staff time and wastes resources.

E-forms may enable patients to fill out their details before visiting your premises. This reduces queues at the reception desk and cuts the workload of the front-office staff. As a result, intake processes become faster and error-free.

Learn How to Save Time in Your Dental Practice

You can save time and boost productivity in your dental practice from today by using the tips in this post. All it takes is a few time management improvements. If you want faster results, use technology and dental practice management tools.

If you’re looking for trustworthy tools to improve your dental practice operations, we can help! Sowingo is a cloud-based dental inventory management solution that can help to make running your business much easier. Book a demo today to see the possibilities of improvement for your dental practice.

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