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5 Tips for Finding the Right Dental Supplier for You


Are you wondering what to look for when searching for the right dental supplier company?

Most dentists are skeptical about buying supplies from any supply company. It is not uncommon for dentists to procure faulty supplies from dental supply companies. Defective supplies, for instance, may infect patients with dental-related diseases.

If your patient suspects your dental supply is inferior, they would bow out of your services.

Since inferior supplies may affect your service delivery, you may want to know how to select a good dental supplier. Continue reading to discover tips for finding the right dental supplier for you

1. Logistics

Logistics enable a dentist to get dental supplies in time. For instance, the location of dental supplies companies matters a lot. If the nearest supplier is ten kilometers away, it means that you will receive supplies late. Collaborating with such a company is risky.

If you decide to cooperate with them, ensure they have effective transport systems. Enquire from them how fast they deliver supplies.

For ease of delivery, some dental supplies companies have supply hubs. Supply hubs, therefore, reduce dentists’ dependence on one supplier.

Also, ensure that a dental supplier company has plenty of supplies. Most of the time, dental supplies run out of stock, leaving the dentist stranded. One quick way of determining how often they have stock is by checking its dental supplies online.

2. Find Out Whether the Company Is Licensed and Reputable

It may seem obvious, but some dentists do not take their time to ensure the dental supplier is licensed. One way to determine whether the company is legit is by looking them up online from a list of approved suppliers.

Licensed dental suppliers tend to be more reputable. For instance, if they supplied shoddy supplies, they would likely get sued and lose their license. As a dentist, you can be sure of quality dental supplies.

Apart from supplying quality supplies, licensed companies are professional. Their professionalism covers timely deliveries, friendliness, and friendly discounts.

It is also essential to find out whether the company has had criminal complaints in the past. A fraudster masquerading as a supplier is likely to defraud you. Looking them up online or keeping up with the news is an effective way of finding out their past.

3. Loyalty Program

One way dental supplies companies encourage clients to work with them is through a loyalty program. For instance, a supplier awards a client some points depending on the price of the item they have bought.

From its name, you only get rewarded for being loyal to a specific company. Most dentists shop around for their suppliers with different distributors. Such a move limits your chances of benefitting from a supplier’s loyalty program.

Rather than continually shop around, dentists should settle with one dental supplier that they like. A company wouldn’t reward you points if you bought your supplies elsewhere.

Loyalty programs are a way of ensuring the client purchases an item at a lower fee. It is tempting to choose a supplier company who offers very high points for purchasing a product. If the deal appears too good, you may need to think carefully before buying from that supplier.

Most suppliers are aware that their inferior products will not sell as fast. They, therefore, resort to unscrupulous ways of selling their supplies by rewarding very high points. Consequently, a good supplier will offer a loyalty program with reasonable points (not too high or too low).

4. Identify Your Audience

Is your audience primarily children or adults? Once you identify your audience, you can then embark on purchasing the correct dental supplies. If you do not know who your audience is, neither will know your dental supplier.

For instance, if you deal with patients who want to curb cavities, you may wish to purchase fluoride varnish. Fluoride varnish is tasteless, but if you deal with children, it needs to have sweet flavours. Children have a low tolerance to bitter or bland flavours compared to adults.

Apart from flavour, you may want to consider products that don’t harm children. Most dentists sell electric toothbrushes on the side.

If they intend to market their toothbrushes to children, they will need to have soft bristles. Stiff bristles cause gum bleeding in children. So, safety for your audience is crucial.

If you have found a supplier of your choice, ensure they have several products for different demographics. It is also crucial for them to understand diverse audiences.

5. Company Relationships With Other Clients

A sure way of determining a good company is the number of clients and how they handle their concerns.

Let’s face it: you wouldn’t want to work with a supply company that attracts no client, would you? You would probably think that clients are avoiding them because they are shady or inexperienced.

How company staff addresses customer complaints matters a lot. If you visited their office and constantly saw clients complaining at their front desk, you would hesitate to purchase anything from them.

Another way of determining how a supplier relates with their clients is by reading online user reviews. User reviews allow clients to express their satisfaction or displeasure working with a particular dental supplies company.

As a dentist reading the reviews, you will then decide which supplier to work with. If possible, look for user reviews outside of a company’s website. User reviews on the company’s website tend to be falsified by the staff.

It’s Time to Consider Sowingo as Your Dental Supplier

You now know the tips to consider when choosing a dental supplier. If you rush to buy from any supplier, then you will harm your patients and, consequently, your reputation.

If you want to hire the best dental supplies company, then consider Sowingo.

We allow you to order your supplies at premium fees of your choice. You can even begin with a free offer before paying your monthly or annual fee. If you live in Canada or the United States, you need to take advantage of our offer.

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