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A Complete Guide to Dental Practice Management Software


Many people do not realize how much we depend on the services of dentists to maintain our health and quality of life. However, the numbers show that people in the United States alone spend upwards of $155 billion every single year on the services of dentists. The dental industry has to employ more than 1 million people around the country to provide the services that people want.

With so much demand for their services, many dental practice owners struggle to organize all of their clients. The right dental practice management software helps dentists focus on dentistry and let the software manage much of the organization.

However, many dentists are hesitant to purchase dental practice management software because they have never done so before. Taking the time to understand dental practice management software options before you buy one can make sure that you make the most of them.

Read on to learn all about the most important steps to take as you implement a dental practice management software!

Understand Different Types of Dental Software Options

Some people in the dental industry have only seen one example of a dental practice management software. Some have even seen no examples at all. You don’t want to just pick whichever option you happen to come across at random.

Instead, you should familiarize yourself with some of the different kinds of options out there. Each option comes with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Understanding this can help you avoid dental practice management software options that do not provide what you need in your unique situation. One of the first things to understand is the difference between dental practice management software that you run on the premises versus those that you keep on the cloud.

Cloud Options

When you keep your system on the cloud, it makes it easy for multiple dental offices to coordinate. It also makes it easier to scale up your dental practices across time. Of course, these benefits may not apply if you have only a single location.

However, cloud-based dental practice management software also updates and back up your data automatically. On the other hand, you can only use this kind of software when you have an internet connection. If your internet goes down, you will not be able to access your software.

There is also a high chance you will have to pay a monthly fee to maintain your dental practice management software on the cloud. Last of all, you are trusting your vendor to protect your data. If they fail you, you will not be able to directly intervene.

Options On the Premises

On the other hand, maintaining a dental practice management software on the premises requires no internet connection. It may also be cheaper in the long run, since you will not have to pay monthly fees.

You will also have more control over the system. That can be good, but it can also put more on your to-do list.

You will have to remember to update your software and back up your data. You will only have so much storage on hand. You may also pay more at the beginning for on-premise software options.

Consider Third-Party Software Options

At this point, you may have some idea of which of these options is better for you. However, as you look over different software options within your preferred category, you may find that they each lack at least one feature that you like.

That does not mean that you cannot obtain that feature, though. You can often integrate software from third parties that provide missing tools. If you have found a software option that is almost perfect, don’t dismiss it because it is missing a feature.

Figure Out What You Need Your Management Software to Do

To help you choose between your software options, you should sit down and think through what you want your software to do for you. Depending on your situation, you might want software that can help increase patient engagement.

On the other hand, you might want your software to mostly focus on managing patient schedules so you don’t have to. Software options may also help you to manage billing and claims. They can help with inventory management, too.

Choose a Budget for Your Dental Practice Software

Setting a budget can help you narrow down your options for dental practice management software. However, make sure you set your budget to be the highest number you are willing to pay. That way, when you encounter something more expensive, you can dismiss it.

If you set your budget number to be your ideal payment amount, then you may have to agonize about whether or not to pay a little extra for a software option you like.

Speak With Software Experts

Once you understand a little bit about your options, you should speak with sales representatives. You will probably have a lot of questions about certain software options at this point. They can help you answer your questions.

You should also remember to ask them about extra fees. Sometimes, you think you know what software costs, only to find out there are fees you didn’t know about.

When you think you know how much your software will cost, ask if there is anything else that might make it more expensive. If they tell you that there is, ask the question again. You can continue asking until they assure you that you know about all possible fees.

Try Out Your Top Software Candidates

Most software tools will allow you to try them out on a trial basis before buying them. You should make the most of this option. Just because software looks great does not mean that it will perform the way that you imagine it will.

Understand the Value of a Quality Dental Practice Management Software

The right dental practice management software can revolutionize your practice. However, you have to make sure you pick the right one. Taking the time to understand the process is an investment that will pay off in the long run!D

To learn more about how to find and implement the right software for your practice, reach out and get in touch with us at any time!

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