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Dental Marketing: Social Media Marketing for Dentists

Dental Marketing: Social Media Marketing for Dentists

There are over 3.5 billion¬†active social media users¬†worldwide (45% of the world’s population). Today, 93% of marketers claim the top benefit of social media marketing is the exposure they generate. Adding social media marketing to your dental marketing strategy could help you reach new patients.

Not sure where to get started? Here are a few tips to help you develop your social media marketing strategy.

With these tips, you can reach new patients, engage your audience, and expand your practice. Read on to learn more!

Maintain Brand Consistency

Branding consistency can increase your revenue by as much as 20%. Consistency means our patients will receive the same impression and experience when interacting with your brand, regardless of the marketing channel. Maintaining a consistent brand will help patients become more familiar with your practice.

While 85% of organizations claim they have brand guidelines, only 30% enforce them. As a result, 77% of brands end up with off-brand content.

Generating off-brand content could make it more difficult for you to connect with customers or build brand recognition. Potential patients might confuse your dental practice with another one instead.

Outlining your brand guidelines can help every team member remain on the same page.

Your brand guidelines should include your:

  • Vision statement
  • Mission statement
  • Voice
  • Tone
  • Personality
  • Image styles
  • Font styles
  • Color palette
  • Logo

About 45% of businesses say increasing brand awareness is a top priority. Generating awareness can help you drive more patients to your practice. Then, you can foster brand loyalty to keep those patients.

Before using social media for dentists, outline your brand guidelines. For each piece of content, you create, maintain those guidelines.

Consider creating a branded hashtag as part of your dental social media strategy. Patients can find your content through searches if you use a unique tag. They can also share user-generated content (UGC), helping you find posts when patients mention your practice.

Consider how your posts will look on your social media feed, too. Creating an eye-catching feed pattern can help make your account look eye-catching and professional.

Share Original Content

Once you establish your brand guidelines, start creating original content for your social media marketing strategy.

Make sure to use your brand colors and font styles when creating graphics. Emphasize your brand colors to help your content pop on the user’s feed. In time, people will begin to recognize your posts at a glance (allowing brand awareness to grow into brand recognition).

Diversify your content marketing strategy, too. For example, you can post photos, graphics, polls, quizzes, or video content.

To establish your credibility in the dental industry, consider sharing research. Share a snippet on social media if you’ve recently published new research. Then, provide a link to send readers to the full post.

Providing informational pieces of content can help you generate brand trust. Patients will recognize you have helpful information and advice they likely won’t find anywhere else.

Are you publishing blog posts on your website? Consider reformatting a lengthy blog into an eye-catching graphic. Then, share a link to the post in your Stories to start generating more website traffic.

You can start improving your search engine rankings as you generate more traffic. Higher rankings will help you appear in front of potential patients as they search for local dental practices.

Consider creating a dental social media calendar. A calendar can help you post on a regular schedule. You’ll have an easier time recognizing gaps in your schedule, too.

Posting consistently will help you generate more brand awareness and recognition. Otherwise, people might start to forget that your account exists.

Keep Followers Engaged

Once you begin posting social media content, ensure you’re engaging your audience.

Social media is a communication tool,¬†not¬†a broadcasting tool. Don’t focus on your dental services. Instead, use social media to help your patients, manage your reputation, and expand your online reach.

As people begin commenting on your posts and asking questions, respond. Quick responses can show people you care about their needs. You can use social media as a customer service tool to benefit the patient’s experience with your brand.

Watch as people begin tagging or mentioning you in their posts. Consider sharing user-generated content to show potential patients your current patients already love your practice.

Otherwise, consider engaging with other brands online. For example, you can engage with another local business.

Engaging with other businesses can help you reach their existing audiences, allowing you to expand your online reach.

Here are a few more ways you can grow your dental practice.

Go Live

Leverage the fear of missing out by creating live or limited-time content.

Limited-time content can spark a sense of urgency. People won’t want to miss out on what you’re sharing if it’s bound to disappear soon.

You can get started by sharing more content on Facebook and Instagram Stories. Stories are also great for sharing interactive content, like polls and quizzes.

Consider hosting more live Q&A sessions, too. People will want to participate before the event ends.

Create PPC Ads

Pay-per-click (PPC) ads can help you reach new patients as you blend in with organic content. Patients won’t feel like you’re trying to sell or advertise. Instead, you can reach people who don’t follow your dental practice while blending into their existing feed.

Using PPC ads and sponsored content can help you generate brand awareness, new followers, and website traffic.

Analyze and Adjust

Once you begin using these dental social media tips, review the data from your efforts. Determine which posts have helped you generate the most website traffic, followers, and comments. Then, use your data to make improvements to your social media strategy.

Improve Your Dental Marketing With These Social Media Tips Today

Don’t miss the chance to reach new patients online. Instead, improve your dental marketing strategy with social media this year. A solid social media marketing strategy will help you attract and engage new patients.

As you improve your campaigns, your ROI will rise, allowing your practice to grow.

Are we searching for more ways to transform your dental practice? We can help.

Explore our pricing today to get started.


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