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E-Commerce: Have You Considered The Benefits For Your Practice?


Undoubtedly, the opportunity of selling online has dramatically helped businesses earn more and grow to new heights. But did you know that e-commerce is no longer solely dominated by the business-to-consumer (B2C) model? The growing trend of companies, including dental practices, buying products, software, and services for their industries is currently one of the most evolving and flourishing sectors of web-based marketing.


Now mainly led by SaaS and tech companies, e-commerce is a booming industry, and the recent advances in technology can help make dentist’s lives a little bit easier. Every day, we learn more and more about a new tool that automates activities that eliminate time-consuming manual tasks. Take a minute to think about the inventory ordering process and protocols in place for your practice. Establishing a set method can be overwhelming –– from assigning a team member to manage inventory and handle supplies to performing routine inventory checks, all while sticking to a budget –– wouldn’t it be beneficial to consider a simplified online ordering process that saves both time and money?


Consider the following advantages:



A significant advantage of e-commerce is that it allows customers to shop anywhere, anytime. And that includes your practice! Ease of use, fast delivery, and quick price comparisons are a few of the main reasons why e-commerce marketplaces have risen exponentially in popularity.


Wide Product Variety

The internet is a global marketplace, and the abundance of products sold online is insurmountable. The ability to offer a wide range of products at discounted prices from top manufacturers and leading industry brands ensures that your practice stays sufficiently stocked (and on a budget).


Lower Prices

One of the most enticing benefits of e-commerce is that the lower costs of running a marketplace translate to cost savings for you! Online prices are typically lower than standard pricing, and marketplaces offer exclusive prices, discounts, sales, and promotional offers.

More Informed Decision Making

Information is at your fingertips when ordering online. Product descriptions, guides, videos, and most importantly, reviews from other dental professionals are highly effective in your office’s decision-making and ordering process.


It’s no secret that from an end user’s perspective, e-commerce websites are incredibly convenient for purchasing products and services online. Online marketplaces have demonstrated exponential growth with a faster buying process, cost reductions, flexibility, and more. In addition to the benefits outlined above, a marketplace allows for large orders, volume-based discounts, and the ability to reorder and track inventory quickly and efficiently.


We understand that many products are needed to ensure a dental practice runs smoothly and successfully. Our Marketplace strives to be a safe space that offers not just security but also convenience for your practice, as well as an enjoyable ordering experience.



To learn more about the Sowingo Marketplace and how your practice can save money on dental supplies, click here!

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