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Factors To Consider Besides Price When Comparative Shopping


Before customers place an order on an eCommerce website, they should always be able to answer one vital question: is this the best possible price I can get? Though the cost may only be one of the many variables in making a purchase decision, it’s clear that it’s one of the most important. 


Savvy consumers understand a product and its seller before they place an order. One of the biggest reasons eCommerce has experienced exceptional growth in recent years is comparison shopping. But what exactly is it? Comparison shopping is the ability to compare prices on products across different retailers and choose the platform where the product is listed for the lowest price. Customers prefer to shop online because comparison shopping is easier to navigate, especially if you know what product or service you are specifically looking to order. 


For eCommerce platforms, online comparison shopping means that customers will compare the prices and value to competitors almost every time they consider ordering. Ultimately, customer loyalty means less in an era where the customer can easily see just how much that loyalty costs them with a click of a button.


An online marketplace can benefit your practice with a faster buying process, cost reductions, comprehensive product variety, and more. But when it comes to ordering supplies online, it’s important to remember that other significant factors besides price are just as important.  


Seller Reputation 


A major component of Ecommerce is the lack of actual contact between seller and buyer, which is why online marketplaces must offer customers the best user experience possible. A good reputation inspires trust in new visitors and will ultimately attract loyal, repeat customers. Users need to research the brand before placing an order to ensure it’s the right decision. 


Shipping Time & Costs 


Ecommerce platforms can provide the best ordering experience, the right prices, and helpful customer service. Still, the shipping process allows customers to get their hands on the product. Shipping costs and time frames are two main reasons customers decide not to pull the trigger on items in their cart, which means shipping can be the difference between success and failure. 


Loyalty Programs 


A loyalty program gives customers incentives and perks and helps them feel more inclined to support a brand by building an emotional connection. The distributor shows how much they appreciate their business by rewarding customers for their purchases. Maintaining engagement is essential, and increasing customer satisfaction through loyalty programs shows how much the company cares.

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