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How to Improve Efficiency When Ordering Dental Supplies

Ordering Dental Supplies

Is it time to order new dental supplies for your dental practice?

Because of the constant stream of¬†patients in need of dental care, ordering dental supplies can feel constant. It’s a crucial part of dental office management.

However, the process is tedious and time-consuming when you could otherwise be taking care of other important tasks. Is there a way to streamline the process and make it more efficient? 

We think so. We think that there are better ways to order your materials that won’t make you dread dental supply shopping. Make a few small changes and you’ll be shocked at how much time you save.

Don’t believe us? Read on and take notes for your next order.¬†

Make a Comprehensive Plan

One of the first things that you should do before ordering your dental supplies is is to make a comprehensive and flexible shopping plan. 

You need to plan out the trajectory of your dental practice. This includes the expected gains and losses of patients, your overall budget, and your buying schedule. 

When you have your shopping planned out, you’ll be more prepared when it comes time to place your orders. You won’t be running around trying to evaluate the situation last-minute.¬†

Your plan also has to be flexible. Anything can happen between now and the end of the year, so be ready to make quick changes. 

Take Inventory Often

How often are you taking inventory of your dental supplies? 

As customers, needs, and best practices change, your required supplies will change as well. Make sure that you’re keeping track of what you have an excess of and what things are running low before it’s too late.

When you order last-minute because you’ve miscalculated your supplies, you’re opening yourself up for late deliveries, rushed site navigation, and stress. You’ll also find yourself only ordering one thing at a time, which isn’t an efficient way to shop.¬†

Keep Track of What You Use

This is another important part of keeping track of your inventory, but it goes beyond realizing what’s missing and what you have a steady supply of.

As¬†innovations in dental work¬†and technology change, you’ll find yourself being oversupplied with things that you aren’t using anymore. These items may be outdated, or they may be for a service that you no longer provide.

For example, if your practice no longer offers cosmetic dentistry, you won’t need the tools required to create custom veneers. If new innovations in orthodontic work come out, the old equipment won’t be necessary anymore. This goes for every area of dentistry, as things are always changing.

When you find that you aren’t using something anymore, even if it used to be a part of your regular purchases, remove it from your inventory list. Buying excess products when you don’t use the ones you have is inefficient and expensive.¬†

Use an Inventory Management Tool

An inventory management tool is a great way to help keep yourself and your practice on track. When you use dental software to stay on top of things, it takes some of the pressure off of you and your staff. 

But how do these tools work?

When you receive a shipment of products, you and your staff can scan the barcodes to add everything to a virtual inventory list. This helps you keep track of what you already have so you don’t have to take an inventory by hand. Taking inventory by hand is time-consuming.¬†¬†

When you find that you’re running low on something, you can scan the barcode again to add it to an inventory list in the software. You’re taking all of the guesswork out of the inventory process, which makes it easier.¬†

Use Easy-to-Navigate Websites

Not all dental product ordering websites are user-friendly. Some have small menus, confusing buying options, and poor navigation that leads to a time-consuming ordering process.

Instead, use trusted websites that make shopping easier for you. 

Why not use an¬†easy marketplace¬†that lays everything out for you from all of the top dental providers? You don’t have to go from shop to shop to find all of the equipment that you need.¬†Instead, it’s all in one place.¬†

Streamline your shopping experience by turning it into one that’s similar to any other big-box store’s online storefront. You get all of the brands you need in the quality that you need without searching.¬†

Order More (But Less Often) 

This is one of the benefits of not ordering things last-minute. If you’re worried about efficiency, over-buying is better than under-buying as long as you know that you’ll use the products.

As we mentioned before, buying things one at a time isn’t efficient and it can leave you with a gap in your products that prevents you from caring for patients.¬†Buying in bulk, or making big purchases, saves the day.

Not only that, but it saves you costs in shipping and takes some of the strain off of delivery services and the dental product providers. If everyone ordered in bulk, the process would go faster worldwide. 

Do You Want Better Efficiency When Ordering Your Dental Supplies?

Anyone who’s ever had to manage a dental practice knows the frustration of ordering new supplies. It’s stressful, confusing, and time-consuming, and in a fast-paced dental practice, it’s cutting away from the time that you could be spending with your patients.¬†

There’s a better way.¬†Utilize technology, plan ahead, and know what to cut and what to order in bulk. You’ll save so much time that’s better devoted elsewhere.¬†

Does your dental practice need software to help with efficiency? We want to help. We have inventory management tools and a marketplace full of all of your favorite brands. 

Choose a plan for dental supplies that’s¬†right for your needs¬†today.

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