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How To Reward Customer Loyalty

How to reward customer loyalty

In today’s environment of consumerism, many customers are satisfied — but few are loyal. Happy customers and loyal customers are not the same. 


Customer loyalty is a customer’s willingness to turn to a company to conduct business repeatedly, typically due to their favourable experiences with that brand. Take a minute to consider how you earned your patients’ trust in your practice. The best way to receive loyalty from patients is to give it first.


Loyalty programs are an efficient strategy to engage customers beyond just the point of purchase. Understandably, the financial benefit is the primary reason customers participate. Maintaining status with multiple loyalty programs can be somewhat overwhelming, but the opportunity to save with exclusive promotions, earn rewards for your purchases, and receive member-only benefits, can add up and provide value, all while earning trust. Any amount of cost savings counts, especially in today’s economy. 


Similar to building your patient relationships, customer relationships are successful when both parties feel they are gaining something beneficial, and customers deserve more than discounts and coupons. Is it still all about saving money, or are there other expectations that are equally important? 


Incentives: You can’t deny that one of the most feel-good experiences is getting a good deal, especially if you’re offered a product or service for free. If a customer signs up for a loyalty program, rewarding them with something of value in return is only fair.


Simplicity: Complexity creates confusion, and the most effective programs are straightforward and transparent. A loyalty program where members want to use all of the features keeps them engaged and, more importantly, helps keep the community growing. 


Convenience: Consumers are changing, and consumer trends are driving this change. With the transition to a digital world, consumers spend more time on digital channels with endless opportunities at their fingertips. An effective and successful loyalty program should be streamlined, user-friendly, and enticing. 


Exclusivity: Exclusivity is the secret to customer loyalty. Loyalty members’ access to special promotions, new products, and services makes consumers feel valued. And even though most consumers join loyalty programs for cost savings, they still want to feel like they’re a part of something special. 


Appreciation: An appreciation for customers’ loyalty is often overlooked. Businesses routinely overwhelm customers with deals, but what sets a company apart is when they express their sincere gratitude for the ongoing support. 


The key takeaway is simple: customer loyalty can’t be bought but can be rewarded.

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