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Now Is The Time For Your Dental Practice To Adopt New Technologies


History of Healthcare and Software 

Software has been used in the healthcare sector since the 1960s and with new technology, it continues to evolve and revolutionize how medical professionals run their practices. APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) were introduced in the 1960s – they allow two or more programs to communicate with each other so that data can be stored, processed, and transferred. As a result, doctors are able to get the right information quickly and efficiently. In 1972, the first EMR (Electronic Medical Record) was introduced and changed the way doctors store and manage this information. CRMs (Customer Relationship Management) and Care Management software took EMRs to the next level, they allow healthcare providers to create a personalized care plan and document patient progress. By the 1980s, healthcare software became widespread with the introduction of the personal computer, and the first firewalls were developed to protect valuable patient information from cyber-attacks and data breaches. 

More recent advancements in software include telehealth, remote patient monitoring, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning). In the beginning of the pandemic, telehealth (and teledentistry) skyrocketed in popularity with approximately 1,629,000 encounters within the first three months of 2020. Remote visits became the norm for many people and revolutionized healthcare accessibility. Additionally, innovations in remote monitoring, AI and ML allow doctors to give early diagnoses with accuracy. Software in the healthcare industry has come a long way and continues to evolve today, improving efficiencies in practices while providing better patient experiences.

Now is the Time to Adopt New Technologies

Software has been in the healthcare world since the 60s and has proven results in providing better healthcare to patients and streamlining processes to improve practice efficiencies. The dental industry is still in the early stages of adopting new software. According to a 2020 report, the reason why can be broken down into three factors: time, money, and fear of the unfamiliar.  These are valid concerns which pose the questions – Will it disrupt operations? How easy is it to implement? If traditional methods work – why update? What is the ROI? However, the adoption of new software is a smart investment that is proven to grow your practices and streamline your processes to ultimately boost your bottom line while making your everyday tasks easier.


Software as a Growth Opportunity

Improved Patient Experience

Consumers always seek the best experience for their money, so it is important to focus on satisfaction and retention. Communication with your patients is key – especially for the 22% of adults who avoid going to the dentist due to patient anxiety. Software can easily help facilitate timely and even automated communication between you and your patient. Some surgery software includes embedded tools to help educate patients during consultation – easing their anxiety and alleviating their concerns. New technologies can help create a better patient experience by ensuring timely and informative communication to build a strong relationship.

Streamlined Processes in Your Practice

Dental software is not only for patients, it can also help make running your practice easier. Cloud-based technologies streamline and consolidate your processes. Smart inventory management solutions can solve your procurement problems and help you save on costs. According to case studies – “a 15% reduction in dental supply costs would save the average practice approximately $10,000 a year”.  For an average dentist, this would equate to a $30,000 of additional production. An investment in an inventory management system has proven results. For instance, a Sowingo customer says he’s saved over $30,000 within a single year by tracking inventory. The office inventory was cut by two thirds, and staff spend less time doing counts. Sowingo aims to streamline the entire procurement process – from an eCommerce marketplace with competitive price comparison to implant inventory management, the support team is available to help support you and your practice every step of the way.


Healthcare software is gaining popularity in the dental industry, and now is the perfect time to adopt it. This technology has been around since the 1960s and proven to generate results in helping your bottom line by improving your patient experience, streamlining everyday processes, and collecting data to help make smart business decisions. Stay ahead of the curve and take the opportunity to implement new software into your practice today. The dedicated support team will walk you through integrating our software every step on the way. Book a demo today to start your Sowingo journey, and learn more about how our marketplace and inventory management system can help save thousands of dollars for your practice.


Written by: Angelina Cheng



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