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GC Fuji II LC Glass Ionomer Restorative – Capsule Refill, 48/Pkg | Shade A3

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GC Fuji II LC is a light-cured resin-reinforced restorative that utilizes the capsule delivery system. It is ideal as a final restorative for Class V erosions, abfractions and as a base in a sandwich technique. GC Fuji II LC is also recommended for primary teeth restorations, core build-up, geriatric applications, cases where radiopacity is required and as a base or liner.

Self-adhesive, excellent marginal seal eliminates need for bonding agents
Continual rechargeable Fluoride release helps prevent secondary caries
Biocompatible material with coefficient of thermal expansion like tooth structure
Fast and easy moisture tolerant technique
The new generation of glass ionomer Contains: 48 capsules of shade C4

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