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A centralized solution to streamline purchasing from many vendors all within a single platform

By consolidating purchasing activities onto a single platform, DSOs can simplify their procurement processes, improve efficiency, and gain better control over their supply chain management.

Unified ordering

Sowingo offers DSO’s a centralized ordering platform with dynamic search functionality to simplify product discoverability for all dental practices.

Centralized order management

By consolidating order tracking, inventory management, and vendor communication into a single platform, DSOs gain enhanced visibility and control over their procurement operations.

Track orders from initiation to delivery

Monitor the status of each order, track shipments, and receive notification updates to ensure orders are processed efficiently and arrive on time.

Monitor stock levels across all locations

With centralized inventory management, easily track product levels to prevent stockouts and minimize excess inventory to save costs.

Analyze spending patterns

By tracking spending and expenses, identify opportunities for optimization to improve decision-making and strategic planning, which ultimately drive cost savings and increase practice efficiency.

Vendor integrations

Sowingo has integrated through API, EDI, and cXML, with some of North America’s largest dental dealers to providing comprehensive solutions for Dental Service Organizations (DSOs).

Single source of truth

By connecting with vendors, this enables all dental practices within the DSO to easily source products from different suppliers, optimizing choice and flexibility on a single platform.

Integrated ordering capabilities

By streamlining procurement processes through consolidated ordering into a single platform, this simplifies the purchasing workflow, reduces administrative overhead, and saves time.

Better visibility leads to better insights

This visibility enables better decision-making and allows DSOs to effectively manage their inventory and budgets.

Reporting and analytics

Sowingo offers DSO’s custom reports and dashboards as a powerful way to enhance operational efficiency and reduce operating costs. These insights can help identify trends, track key performance indicators (KPIs), and highlight areas for improvement for DSO’s.

Custom reports and dashboards

Informed decisions about procurement strategies leads to more efficient purchasing practices, better inventory management, and cost savings.

Real-time procurement visbility

Transparency across the organization ensures all stakeholders have access to the information they need to effectively manage resources and drive performance.

Insights to optimize operations

By monitoring practice activity, it can play a crucial role in optimizing operations, controlling budgets, enhancing decision-making processes, and driving cost efficiencies for DSOs.

“Sowingo has been a very important partner in helping us control costs and streamline our procurement process. Their platform has enabled us to provide a simple solution to a complex problem. It has been a value to our partners and their staff."

Melissa Winfield
Vice President of Operations for US Oral Surgery Management

Customized solutions

Sowingo works closely with DSOs of all sizes to understand their workflows, pain points, and goals in order to design and implement tailored solutions that enhance productivity, optimize procurement processes, and drive cost savings.

GL Codes, budgets, 3-way matching, and approvals

Sowingo’s procurement portal simplifies various aspects of procurement management for DSO’s, including GL codes, budgets, 3-way matching, and approvals.

Integrated General Ledger (GL) codes

GL codes integrate directly into spending reports to ensures that financial procurement transactions are accurately categorized according to the organization’s accounting structure.

Manage budgets for procurement activities

Establish spending limits for individual supply category and project levels by proactively managing budgets to prevent overspending, identify cost-saving opportunities, and maintain financial discipline across the organization.

3-way matching for invoices

Reconcile purchase orders, invoices, and receiving reports to educe manual errors, accelerate invoice processing, and improve invoice accuracy.

Approval workflows

Sowingo will also work with DSO’s to define approval hierarchies, designate approvers, and establish rules for routing documents for review and authorization.

Continued support and maintenance

Sowingo’s expert dental support team provides ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure that the procurement platform continues to meet the evolving needs of the DSO, including troubleshooting, updates, and enhancements as needed.
Personalized onboardings

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Follow along, ask questions

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Always here to assist you

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