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About Sowingo

At Sowingo, our mission is to transform healthcare offices by offering dental and medical professionals with simple and easy tools to manage inventory supplies and their costs.

Sowingo is a cloud-based solution which you can access from anywhere at any time, with no installation. We recommend using chrome browser for the optimal experience. We also offer ease of use on the go with our Sowingo App that is downloadable from the apple store.

Our plans are per office and include unlimited users. We have different plans to fit your practice’s needs. See our pricing page.

Sowingo helps by empowering you to have control of the practice both by understanding your supply costs with budgeting, order and inventory management, receiving alerts when you’re running low or have goods that are nearing expiration, thereby helping to reduce waste and eliminating last-minute ordering. Furthermore, reduce your risks with SDS requirements and certification management, as well as sterilization logging. Learn how much your office can save with our savings calculator.

Our customer success consultants help from the start with onboarding sessions and training materials specifically for your office member’s role. Our onboarding process reviews your current supplies and processes, so you can track and save by better understanding the office spend and usage. Learn more by booking a demo today .

Our goal is to ensure your practice success, so all our plans include free onboarding and support with our 1-800 number, live screen share, chat or email. Learn more by booking a demo today .

Sowingo Inventory & Order Management

We designed the system to be easy to use with our web and mobile app. Use the smart search on any computer or on your mobile device to leverage product barcodes and make tracking seamless. Learn more by booking a demo today.

Tracking your inventory and set budgets to stay in control of practice spend and usage. Specifically, knowing what prices you have paid, what your usage patterns or anomalies are, and knowing what your amount sent is by vendor, it will allow for better negotiations. Reduce risk by expiry, running low and avoid shipping costs. Learn more by booking a demo today.

Sowingo was designed with specialties in mind. Manage all the important details of your implants, cover screws, healing abutments, bone grafts and membranes in one place. Learn more about our implant module.

Sowingo Compliance Tools

Safety Data Sheets are critical to have available in your office for any applicable products, and if found non-compliant, offices can face fines up to $12,934 per incident and up to $129,336 per day. Sowingo eliminates this risk by providing a simple way to upload your existing sheets for easy accessibility. For marketplace purchases, Sowingo automatically populates the respective SDS sheets for you. Learn more by booking a demo today.

Our certification management was designed for flexibility which enables your office to track and receive alerts for all important certificates and annual requirements, which are divided into three sections Equipment (e.g. Oxygen, NO2 lines), Licenses (e.g. First Aid Certificates, ACLS/PALS, Annual Dental College Licence Dues, etc) and Permits (e.g. Facility Permits, Anaesthetic/Sedation Permits, etc.). Learn more by booking a demo today.

Staying up to date with the latest regulations for sterilization recording can be challenging. Sowingo has a guided process which helps enforce best practices. Another challenge is ensuring that all the staff are recording information accurately and are educated on what to do if there is a failure. Sowingo has prompt and accurate reporting to help offices stay compliant. Learn more by booking a demo today.

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