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The Positive of Negative Reviews

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Each year your practice invests a large amount of time, money, and effort, to provide cutting edge clinical technology that will improve the lives and oral health of your patients.

When you invest in inventory and amazing tools like the CBCT, Deka CO2 Laser, or digital X-Ray imaging, it is important to understand how to attract, educate, and communicate with new and existing patients. The ultimate goal is to monetize these services in your practice and provide excellent oral healthcare for your patients. Without the proper communication strategy in place, these clinical tools will not be utilized properly.

In order to serve more patients than ever and provide a wonderful patient experience it is important to consider the current trends in patient acquisition, and patient communication.

There are tools that can help you stand out online, connect conveniently with new patients, and educate them on the wonderful services your practice offers. Case acceptances and patient satisfaction will be higher than ever. Grow your practice through the patient experience.


Is your practice gaining as many new patients from online searches as it could be?

Millions of patients are searching online (primarily on Google) each day for dental practices. They enter simple searches such as “dentists near me,” “affordable dentists,” “emergency dentist,” ”cosmetic dentist,” “Invisalign dentists,” or “laser dentistry”.

Ensuring that your practice shows up front and center in local and regional searches  may be easier than you think. While some practices think they need to spend tens of thousands of dollars on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to rank higher on Google:

  • The star rating of the practice
  • The number of reviews for the practice
  • And most important, the recency and frequency of practice reviews from patients.

Google promotes the practice and business that has the freshest, most recent data. Another interesting fact is that when practices respond to their Google reviews, they are more likely to be promoted by Google and they are more likely to be selected over local competition by patients.


What is the easiest way to gain new patients online?

All in all, you need a system that will guarantee your practice more reviews, more frequently, on Google. That system should also help patients connect with your practice directly from your website or Facebook business page.

Patients are often reading online reviews before they even click on your practice’s website. If your reviews pass the test (high star rating, many reviews, and recent reviews) and they land on your website, the next step is convenient connection. Allowing patients to connect through webchat, 2-way text, or online appointment requests is more critical than ever.


I already have positive reviews and a four star rating, will more reviews really help me acquire patients?

First off, congratulations on running a solid practice — but just having a handful of good reviews is no longer enough. Hypothetically, If you and your competitors have roughly the same star ratings on Google, who does that customer reach out to first? The nearest location? Wrong. The practice with the most reviews and more importantly, the most recent reviews will win. According to BrightLocal, 82% of customers read online reviews for local businesses and tend not to trust anyone with less than 10 reviews. With Swell, we’ve seen practices generate hundreds of reviews in just their first few months.


If I already have a review/messaging platform with another vendor, am I set?

While positive and recent reviews are necessary to drive new business, what happens beyond that is equally as important. Are you providing best-in-class patient experience? And, perhaps more importantly, are you meeting your patients expectations of convenience? Whether fair or not, your patients are expecting Amazon-like convenience.

Swell is much more than just a review platform. Swell helps automate online conversations through webchat – convert them to texting, automate scheduling via text, and even seamlessly integrate text to pay options.

Swell can help you educate your patients on laser dentistry, implant dentistry, sleep dentistry, etc, through sequence text and email messaging sent to the right patient at the right time. As customers and patients our expectations have changed.

Swell ensures that you’re able to meet them where they are. Swell helps you grow your practice through the patient experience.

Stand out online. Get more new patients. Do more laser dentistry. Sell more product. Grow your practice with Swell + Sowingo.


Take advantage of our partner pricing and try Swell free for 30 days.

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