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How Do You Manage Certification Risk?

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Certification Management can be messy. Keeping track of what certifications are needed and when they need to be renewed can be difficult even for the most organized office manager. Certifications are not just your college registration but also include your staff’s certifications, immunization records, equipment records and licensing.

Dental Staff

  • Doctors & Nurses – College certifications, Degrees, Registrations, Licenses
  • All Dental Staff – First Aid, Immunization Records

Office (location) – Permits

Equipment & Machines – Original certificates and servicing invoicing

Do you have a central system in place? Who is notified and what happens if you had a staff change or an audit? Would you be able to quickly show that you are in compliance? If you think there could be a better way to say organized, Sowingo provides an all-in-one platform to keep you up-to-date!

From inventory management to purchase orders to spend and usage reports and more, our speciality is helping your dental practice stay organized. For more info on our product, feel free to book a demo so our sales team can answer all your questions.

Click Here to learn more about how Sowingo can help empower your practice.
Sowingo is also offering a FREE 14-day-trial – Check out how easy it is to manage your certifications.


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