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How to Overcome Covid-19’s Impact on Dental Practices

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As we are riding the wave of the pandemic, many questions are still up in the air. Will we be going into another lockdown? Will our practice survive being closed again? Will things ever go back to how they used to be? Keep reading to find out how dentists are being impacted by Covid-19 and what you can do to persevere.

The pandemic has affected dental practices in many different ways.

Guidelines have been changed, keeping inventory on hand has become a struggle, having to use additional personal protective equipment (PPE) has interrupted the way we work and above all, patients are feeling less inclined to receive treatment as the fear of catching the virus has made them worrisome.

Although many things still lay uncertain, we can only do our best to get through these unprecedented times. Here are a few ways offices have been impacted and what you can do to overcome them.

Covid-19 Positive Within the Practice

One of the biggest worries when the dental practices started reopening their doors was the high possibility of infection within the office. Considering the fact that social distancing is near impossible while working with patients, dealing with the oral cavity and the spread of aerosols puts everyone involved within a higher risk category.

Thankfully, across the United States, less than 1% of dental offices across the nation were impacted by Covid-19.

This means that the new guidelines that have been put in place with the increased use of personal protective equipment, heightened infection control and screening of patients has been working across the country. Until we are no longer at such a high risk, this is the path that we need to continue staying on.

Inventory Shortages

With the high demand for stock, especially when it comes to personal protective equipment and infection control, keeping inventory on our shelves has become a struggle for many dental practices across the country.

In order to prevent your office from running out of stock completely, some things you can do would be to buy in bulk, be flexible when it comes to switching to alternative brands and also consider investing in an inventory management software that will alert you when it’s time to reorder.

Less Patients Equals Less Productivity

With the new guidelines put into place such as social distancing, dental practices have not been able to produce the amount of volume that they have compared to past years. Being able to only see so many patients in a day has definitely impacted the overall production of each practice.

Although the economic recovery for dental practices is expected to be gradual, the timeline projected for most practices to return to their baseline would be in 2021 while others anticipate 2022.

In order to help with the downfall, you may consider perhaps extending your hours to be able to fit in those few extra patients a day, extending your service line and also consider lowering your overhead costs where possible.

We’re Here for You!

With all of the worries that have come along with Covid-19, having to stress about your inventory shouldn’t be one of them and that’s why Sowingo is here to help! We have created an inventory management software just for you. From providing you with stock alerts and helping you keep track of what you have on hand, it has all the essentials you need. Book a demo today to learn more about what Sowingo can do for you!

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