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How to Reduce Waste in Your Dental Practice

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Keeping waste management under control in a dental practice can be beneficial towards the environment and also cost effective. Here are some tips on how you can reduce wastage at your office.

A single dental practice alone may not have a huge contribution towards the waste being thrown out everyday, but imagine combining all of the waste from every dental practice across the country?

With all of the practices combined, the amount of waste being thrown out on a daily basis becomes even more substantial.

Waste from the dental office can be anywhere from paper, single-use plastic items, biochemical and medical.

And although not always easy, by making small changes on how you handle waste management in the office, you can further adopt green practices, become more environment friendly and also be able to save money at the same time.

Keep reading to find out how you can reduce wastage at your office.

Digital is the Way to Go

If you have been taking x-rays using the traditional method of film, you may want to consider transitioning into digital. Approximately 4.8 million led foils and 28 million litres of toxic fixer gets dumped into the local ecosystems each year.

Not only will transitioning to digital radiographs be beneficial for the environment, it can also save your practice approximately $8500.00 a year. 

Not to mention, the time spent not having to develop the x-rays in a dark room can be used more towards treating and diagnosing.

Recycling Dental Instruments

If you have instruments that you are no longer using and are just collecting dust in the drawer, consider donating them to companies that recycle old dental instruments.

Some companies will even provide you with a new instrument after a certain amount of instruments are donated.

Promote Paperless 

We are lucky enough to be able to live in a day and age where flyers or local ads in the yellow pages are no longer required to promote your dental practice.

Considering going digital by taking advantage of all of the online social media platforms that are available to you. You can easily promote your practice for free using Instagram or Facebook.

Reducing Single-Use Plastic Items

With infection control measures increased due to the pandemic, it’s hard to control the amount of single-use plastic items being used.

But if you are looking to cut down on the amount of plastic being used within the office, try switching to compostable items where you can. For example, instead of using plastic cups for patients to rinse with, try switching to compostable paper cups instead.

Keeping Track of Inventory

One sure way of making sure that items don’t go to waste unnecessarily would be by investing in a proper inventory management system.

Many items such as medications go to waste each year due to expiration. With an inventory management system put in place, you can be alerted prior to expiration to ensure that these items do get used and not thrown out into the trash.

We’re Here for You

Our team at Sowingo is here to help you. We’ve created an inventory management software that will alert you when items are near expiration to help reduce waste. It will also help your practice reduce unnecessary spending by monitoring your inventory. Book a demo today to learn more about what Sowingo can offer you!

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