🎉 The College of Dental Surgeons of Saskatchewan (CDSS) has partnered with Sowingo!

Sowingo's integration expertise provides seamless connectivity between its marketplace and DSOs

Sowingo connects to top-tier dental suppliers, payment processors, and dental software to eliminate manual payment, tracking processes.

API, EDI, cXML vendor integrations

Through its integration capabilities, Sowingo ensures that DSOs have access to a wide range of dental suppliers. This expands the selection of dental supplies available within the platform, providing practices with greater choice and flexibility in sourcing products.

Committed to comprehensive solutions

Sowingo is currently integrated through API, EDI, and cXML with some of North America’s largest dental dealers to help support Dental Service Organizations (DSOs).

Integrated ordering capabilities

DSOs can now consolidate orders from multiple vendors into a single platform to reduce administrative overhead, and save time for procurement staff. Efficiently manage orders placed to tracking and receiving, all within the Sowingo platform.

Existing integrated dealer network

Sowingo’s existing integrations with some of North America’s largest dental dealers such as Henry Schein, Benco, Straumann, and more, demonstrate their commitment to providing comprehensive solutions for Dental Service Organizations (DSOs). With the existing integrations, DSO’s can quickly leverage and start using the Sowingo procurement portal to start saving money.

Vendor stock level and order status

With real-time visibility into inventory levels and orders across multiple vendors, DSOs can make informed decisions about procurement. It’s imperative the participating practices have the right products when they need them to avoid delaying patients or treatments.

Improved budget management

The integration of procurement data with budget tracking tools allows DSOs to monitor spending against allocated budgets more effectively.
Overall, Sowingo’s integration expertise enhances the procurement process for DSOs by providing access to a diverse supplier network, streamlining ordering workflows, improving inventory management, and facilitating better budget oversight. By leveraging these integrated capabilities, DSOs can optimize their procurement operations and drive efficiency across their organization.


Sowingo helps provide better patient outcomes by integrating with PMS software

Through our patient management software integrations, Sowingo can pull patient data, detailed practice analytics, and more.

Pull and review patient data

Sowingo Link pulls patient details to accurately analyze, maintain, and update electronic dental records.

Attach treatment plan details

Patient updates are automatically synced, with the ability to attach critical files, imaging, referrals, products and treatment letters.

Review practice analytics

Easily monitor practice data with overall trends and performance to make smarter practice decisions based on insights.

Need an integration we don’t have? Let us know!

Our team of integration experts can facilitate new requests to ensure you have the integration needed to run a successful practice.

DSO procurement

With integrated ordering capabilities, DSOs can streamline their procurement process by consolidating orders from various vendors into a single platform thereby simplifying the purchasing workflow, reducing administrative overhead, and saves time for procurement staff.

Sowingo’s integration process is as easy as 1-2-3

Have the integration your practice needs to provide better patient outcomes, accurate procurement documentation, and payment processing.


Provide us with the name

Meet with our integration specialists to review your integration needs and the name of the company.


We facilitate the connection

Sowingo will work with the company to provide a seamless integration experience.


Enjoy the new integration

Get real-time updates of important information, such as patient data, order tracking, and payments.

Start optimizing your practice today

Learn how Sowingo can digitize manual processes to help your practice purchase, track and manage inventory with ease.

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