🎉 The College of Dental Surgeons of Saskatchewan (CDSS) has partnered with Sowingo!

Medication tracking for optimal practice efficiency

With medication inventory tracking, you’ll always have the medication you need on hand to perform patient procedures.

Never be without critical medications with low stock and expiry alerts

Set inventory thresholds to receive instant alerts if stock levels drop below your minimum on-hand quantity.

Maintain accurate records by scanning products in and out of inventory

By using the Sowingo mobile app, removing used inventory, and adding new inventory is as simple as scanning the barcode.

Replenish low inventory with quick reordering

From general medication to emergency medication, Sowingo’s procurement software will help you restock in breeze.

Shop on the Marketplace

Browse medications on Sowingo’s e-commerce platform and leverage the power of price comparison shopping to ensure you’re getting the lowest price.

Send purchase orders to suppliers

Add your preferred suppliers to quickly send purchase order requests to have the products you need delivered on time.

Leverage direct EDI connections

Sowingo can connect directly to suppliers via EDI for faster reordering, tracking, and stock updates.

Track pricing history to keep medication costs as low as possible

Stop overspending on medications with a detailed purchase history, outlining all the previous dates and prices paid.

Monitor inventory activity to know when medications are being used

Always know when medications have been used, replenished, updated, or removed from inventory with detailed log tracking. Plus, export all activity to an excel file for documentation.

Start optimizing your practice today

Learn how Sowingo can digitize manual processes to help your practice purchase, track and manage inventory with ease.

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