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Product Announcement: New Software & Services Category and Product Cards

Product announcement introducing new software and services section with device mockups

We’re pleased to announce we’ve made some big updates to our Marketplace that’ll improve the overall shopping experience. With this update, we’ve optimized existing elements, added more functionality on smaller browsers, and added new elements, including a brand new category of products. Let’s walk through all the great things we’ve been working on!

Brand new category: Software & Services

Sowingo has partnered with select dental software providers to bring exclusive savings to our members. Within the brand new Software & Services category, our members are able to search for dental software that will benefit their office. Simply click on one of our brand new Software Product Cards to learn more about them and schedule a personalized free demo!

Our list of software and services will constantly be growing as we partner with more great companies, so be sure to check back often for more exclusive savings we’re passing on to our members.

Redesigned product cards

As you may have already noticed, our product cards have also undergone a bit makeover. Not only has the size and shape of them been updated, but they’re now fully responsive to the size of your browser window. This means they’ll automatically adapt to fit as many product cards as possible, therefore making the browsing experience much more enjoyable.

You’ll notice these on the Marketplace home page, as well as all of our list pages, including your Favourites.

This of course also means they’re mobile friendly. Whether you’re browsing our marketplace on a tablet or phone, they’re now fully optimized for a more enjoyable shopping experience.

Improved navigation

Having consistent elements across all pages is key to a better user experience. That’s why we’ve updated all of our heading components to make our product more consistent, reliable, and easier to navigate.

With this change, we also introduce breadcrumbs across all pages. Whether you’re browsing through a category, a list of search results, or even a subcategory, the breadcrumbs will show you where you’ve been and allow you to jump back to any of them with ease. Simply click on one of the links to be brought back to that page in your journey.

Updated filters

We understood the filters took up a lot of space on the page, so we’ve made a small update to improve the viewing experience. Now simply access them with a quick click of the Filters button to see all the filter options. With each filter selected, they’ll show up on your page to confirm your selection.

This also allows us to make it mobile friendly. This is a big update and will ensure your shopping experience will be optimized for every device, including phones and tablets.

Mobile friendly

As we’ve stated before, over 50% of website viewing is on mobile. We want to support those using a mobile device to browse our Marketplace by continuing to make it completely mobile friendly. This is a huge push we’re actively making for the entire Marketplace and those updates will follow in the near future. We hope you’re just as excited as we are!

Our commitment to you

We want to thank all of our amazing users who have provided us with love, support, and valuable feedback. We strive to make this product the best it can be by focusing on the user experience and we rely on your help to make that possible. We’re committed to further improvements and will keep you updated along the way. If you have any feedback on how we can improve, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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