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Product Announcement: Added Barcode Support with Updated Barcode Scanning

Single and Double barcode scanning on the Sowingo iOS app

The latest Sowingo iOS app update brings improved functionality to our incredibly popular Scanner feature. To ensure our software remains flexible to the ever-changing landscape of dentistry, we’ve made some big improvements to the Scanner component. Let’s discuss this update in detail.


Single and Double Barcode Scanning

The Scanner has been a reliable feature in not only scanning general inventory items, but also implant related items in and out of inventory. This has always helped dental practices better manage their dental inventory, as well as help them with reordering low or expired inventory items.


As new products begin to surface in the sundries, sterilization and implant sectors, this has come with updated barcode technology. Some products are now being sold in packaging with double barcodes for the LOT #, REF #, serial numbers and expiration date.


Our existing Scanner did not support double barcodes. However, we’ve updated our beloved Scanner to now support single and double barcodes with ease. At the bottom of the screen, simply tap the type of barcode you’re trying to scan. Our Scanner will automatically adapt to scan for multiple barcodes and immediately identify the product as soon as it gets a clear view. It’s as simple as that!


Furthermore, we’ve improved contrast ratios of the helper text to be visible whether you’re pointing the Scanner at a dark or light object. This aligns to our dedication of enhancing accessibility standards across our products. We hope you’re just as thrilled about these updates as we are!

Our commitment to you

We want to thank all of our amazing users who have provided us with love, support, and valuable feedback. We strive to make this product the best it can be by focusing on the needs of our users and we rely on your help to make that possible. We’re committed to further improvements and will keep you updated along the way. If you have any feedback on how we can improve, please don’t hesitate to reach out to ryan@sowingo.com.


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