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Product Announcement: Implants, Office Select and More on the Sowingo iOS App

Product announcement introducing new Shopping Cart and Order Review section with device mockups

We’re excited to announce a big update has landed on our Sowingo iOS app. After lots of feedback and requests, we’ve brought our robust implant module to the app, optimized the shopping list to improve accessibility and usability, and finally added the ability to change offices without signing out. Let’s review all these features in detail.


Change office under Settings

Signing out of the app in order to change your office is a pain, so we fixed it. Now simply navigate to Settings, tap on your office and view the list of linked offices to select a new one. Once selected, we’ll handle the rest and update the app on the fly to sign you in.

Redesigned Shopping List module

Improving the Shopping List module to be clearer, better organized, and consistent was our goal.

First, we started off by updating the navigation of the module to have a similar look and feel to other areas of the app. This allowed us to improve accessibility and usability of the module, bucketing your list under its respected categories.

Second, we updated the interface to group common items by their respected supplier or vendor, making it easier to scan and review products.

Third, we updated the product cards to include an increased product image, used our typography system to maintain consistency across other areas of the app like the Marketplace, as well as improve accessibility. If an item is in an active order, a blue indicator will be present to let you know.

Fourth, tapping on an item will now bring up additional details, as well as the ability to remove a product from your Shopping List. This will lead us to develop additional functionality in the future, so stay tuned.

Full Implant module

Not having complete visibility to your implant inventory on-the-go can be stressful. Should you order more? Are you holding expiring inventory? This information should be available when you don’t have access to a computer, or cannot scan an implant code. So, we built it.

When visiting the implants page, we’ve separated existing companies with inventory and available companies with no inventory. You’ll no longer need to scroll to the bottom to find your Zimmer implants, it has now been move to the top of your list.

Our comprehensive implant table is what sets Sowingo apart. For us to continue to deliver a familiar experience, we’ve brought that information forward, with a slight twist. As some implant companies have a long list of product lines, sub product lines, and various sizes, we’ve streamlined your viewing experience to separate your on-hand products. Now, when choosing an implant type, you’ll immediately be brought to your on-hand inventory. This will help speed up your workflow and save you time.

To further improve on the implant inventory experience, we’ve added badges to on-hand stock. If an item is expiring, is low stock, is on consignment, has been reserved, or been placed on order, the badges will illuminate to let you know. Again, we wanted to make the user experience as streamlined and clear as possible to help you manage implant inventory.

Improved consistency

Having consistent elements across all modules is key to a better user experience. That’s why we’re consciously updating elements across all modules to be consistent no matter which feature you’re using.

Accessibility also remains a high priority. We continue to follow strict contrast ratios and legible size specifications, as well as image size requirements. Expect other areas of our product to adopt this soon!

Our commitment to you

We want to thank all of our amazing users who have provided us with love, support, and valuable feedback. We strive to make this product the best it can be by focusing on the needs of our users and we rely on your help to make that possible. We’re committed to further improvements and will keep you updated along the way. If you have any feedback on how we can improve, please don’t hesitate to reach out to ryan@sowingo.com.


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