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Product Announcement: Purchase Orders on iOS and a new Payment Methods section


We’re excited to announce a big update has landed on our Sowingo iOS app and web platform. The ability to create, view, and edit purchase orders has now be made possible with the new Purchase Orders module on iOS! We’ve also added the payment methods section on iOS to manage subscription payments and order payments. Let’s review all these features in detail.


Purchase Orders module on iOS

The Purchase Orders module is one of the most-used features on the Sowingo web platform. As this feature is also a great procurement solution, we knew we could make it more accessible through the Sowingo iOS app. View your list of purchase orders, create new ones, edit existing ones and best of all, quickly receive inventory by scanning each product’s barcode.

As you scan each item into inventory, the status of your Purchase Order will automatically update. Plus, monitor your activity log to see when they’ve been updated or emailed out for fulfillment.

We hope you’re as excited for this update as we are!

Payment Methods on iOS

We’re pleased to announce that practices can manage their subscription payment methods, as well as their order payments, through the Sowingo iOS app.

Add or remove payment methods to keep your subscription up-to-date, and monitor expiring credit cards. All of this is fully accessibly through the Payment Methods section in Settings. Plus, now you can use your credit cards to purchase supplies from the Supply Hub – more on this later!

Payment Methods on Web

We have made the same changes to the Sowingo web platform as we have with the Sowingo iOS app. We’ve updated the interface for adding, removing and change default payment methods to make it more intuitive, as well as being inline with our new branding. Furthermore, we’ve added a new Billing Information section to the Order Review page to facilitate credit card payments for certain Suppliers – more on this later!

Improved consistency

Having consistent elements across all modules is key to a better user experience. That’s why we’re consciously updating elements across all modules to be consistent no matter which feature you’re using.

Accessibility also remains a high priority. We continue to follow strict contrast ratios and legible size specifications, as well as image size requirements. Expect other areas of our product to adopt this soon!

Our commitment to you

We want to thank all of our amazing users who have provided us with love, support, and valuable feedback. We strive to make this product the best it can be by focusing on the needs of our users and we rely on your help to make that possible. We’re committed to further improvements and will keep you updated along the way. If you have any feedback on how we can improve, please don’t hesitate to reach out to ryan@sowingo.com.


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