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Featured Product: aura eASY

Featured Product aura eASY

The importance of having a universal composite material that can be used easily in both the anterior and posterior cannot be overstated. Aura eASY from SDI is a lightcured, high-strength material that comes in 4 eASY shades, which can be referenced to VITA shades. Because of its high polishability, this material is also ideal for anteriors that do not require a layering technique.

When used with Riva Bond LC, also from SDI, Aura eASY can help minimize postoperative sensitivity for patients, and can lead to strong, long-lasting, and beautiful restorations. Riva Bond LC is a next-generation adhesive that virtually eliminates polymerization shrinkage caused by the composites at the bond restorative interface. Riva Bond LC is also bioactive as its ionglass filler releases high levels of fluoride ions to help assist in remineralization of the natural tooth structure.

In the photos below, Dr. Les Rykiss guides us through a complete procedure using Aura eASY and Riva Bond LC on an anterior nonlayered restoration to illustrate how truly “eASY” it can be.


aura eASY Product

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Les Rykiss

Dr. Rykiss graduated in 1990 from the University of Manitoba. Since then he has been in private practice in Winnipeg, MB. He has a Fellowship in the International Academy for Dental–Facial Esthetics, and an Associate Fellowship in Laser Dentistry from the World Clinical Laser Institute. He is also a graduate and Mentor at the Nash Institute for Dental Learning in Charlotte, NC. Dr. Rykiss has taught restorative and pediatric dentistry for several years at the University of Manitoba as well. He is a member of several professional organizations in Canada, as well as the American Society for Dental Aesthetics, and past president of the Alpha Omega Dental Fraternity.


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