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Practice Agility Advisor – August 2023 Edition

Practice Agility Advisor - Notable Dental News August 2023


Dentists Could Soon Have a New AI Co-Pilot to Detect Tooth Decay | August 8, 2023

An artificial intelligence (AI) platform could allow dentists and dental students to read radiograms (X-rays) with higher accuracy, helping them to better detect tooth decay and gum diseases. This project aims to provide a one-stop solution for collecting and annotating dental radiographs and assisting with disease diagnosis while building on how best to implement this in a clinical setting.  Read More


Dentists Advocate Federal Dental Program for Children’s Oral Health August 9, 2023

Dentists are drawing attention to the Canada Dental Benefit, a federal program introduced last year. This initiative offers uninsured children up to $1,300 over two years for dental treatment, varying based on family income. With 315,000 children having accessed the benefit so far, dental professionals stress the importance of preventive care. They highlight the need to prevent tooth loss and oral health issues in children by using the benefit to provide early dental treatments. Read More


Study Investigates Link Between Aspartame and Oral Health in Sugar-Free Gum | August 14, 2023

A recent study examines the potential relationship between aspartame, commonly used in sugar-free gum, and oral health. The study delves into whether the artificial sweetener could affect oral microbiota and dental health. With concerns about the impact of artificial sweeteners on overall health, including dental health, this research adds to the ongoing discussion about their safety and implications for oral well-being.  Read More


Edmonton Families to Receive Extra $650 from Federal Dental Care Benefit | August 15, 2023

Edmonton families are set to benefit from the Canada Dental Benefit program, receiving an additional $650 in support. The federal initiative offers financial assistance for dental treatment, with amounts based on family income. Read More


Rising Dental Costs Amplify Canadian Inflation Worries | August 17, 2023

Dental fees are significantly rising in various Canadian provinces, with some associations reporting record-high average increases. Factors such as inflation, staffing costs, and rising expenses in dental practices are driving fee guide hikes of 5 to 10%. Read More


Saliva Test Could Predict Heart Disease | August 18, 2023

Researchers have discovered a potential link between high white blood cell levels in saliva and early signs of cardiovascular disease. By analyzing gum inflammation through a simple oral rinse, the study found a correlation with compromised arterial health. This non-invasive technique could serve as an accessible method for identifying cardiovascular risk, particularly in young adults. Read More


Canadian Dental Care Plan: What You Should Know | August 18 2023

The creation of the Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP) brought relief to those without dental coverage. However, the Ontario Dental Association (ODA) emphasizes the need for clarity regarding administration, coverage, and integration with existing programs. Read More


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