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Practice Agility Advisor – July 2023 Edition

Practice Agility Advisor - Notable Dental News July 2023


New Immigration Program Directly Improves Healthcare Access for Canadians | July 4, 2023

Canada takes a proactive step in enhancing healthcare access for its citizens with the introduction of a new immigration program targeting health workers. By directly attracting skilled medical personnel from across the globe, this initiative addresses the shortage of healthcare professionals in the country. Read More


Clinical Trial Evaluates Toothpaste with Synthetic Tooth Minerals for Efficiency July 18, 2023

A groundbreaking clinical trial actively examines the efficacy of toothpaste containing synthetic tooth minerals. With a focus on direct application, this trial assesses the potential benefits of the innovative toothpaste formula. Scientists aim to determine its effectiveness in strengthening and remineralizing teeth, which could lead to improved oral health and cavity prevention. Read More


Toronto Academy of Dentistry to Cease Operations After 133 Years | July 18, 2023

In a disheartening announcement, the Toronto Academy of Dentistry reveals the closure of its operations after an illustrious 133 years. The esteemed institution, with a rich history of advancing dental education and research, will cease its activities. The decision comes as a significant blow to the dental community, who have long benefited from the Academy’s contributions. Read More


Expert Insights on Store-Bought Teeth Whitening Treatments | July 18, 2023

Discover the truth about store-bought teeth whitening treatments from dental experts. This article provides valuable advice and warnings about the effectiveness and cost of over-the-counter products. Learn how to make informed decisions and achieve a brighter smile without breaking the bank on potentially ineffective solutions. Read More


Ontario’s Oral Health Regulatory Colleges End COVID-19 Guidance | July 20, 2023

Ontario’s oral health regulatory colleges make a pivotal announcement, officially ending COVID-19 guidance for dental practices. With this decisive move, dental professionals can now resume normal operations, providing patients with much-needed oral health care services. Read More


Calgary Faces Cost Increase and Delay in Reintroducing Water Fluoridation | July 20, 2023

Calgary’s plan to reintroduce fluoride into its water systems encounters challenges as costs rise and implementation faces delays. The city’s effort to actively improve oral health through water fluoridation is met with financial obstacles and logistical setbacks. Despite initial intentions to move forward, the project’s progress has been impacted, resulting in a longer wait for the potential benefits of fluoridated water.  Read More


National Junk Food Day: Dental Association Raises Awareness on Oral Health Impact | July 21 2023

On National Junk Food Day, the dental association takes direct action to raise awareness about the impact of junk food on oral health. Through this initiative, they aim to actively educate the public about the potential risks of consuming sugary and unhealthy snacks. By highlighting the importance of maintaining a balanced diet and good oral hygiene practices, the dental association endeavours to empower individuals to make healthier choices for their teeth and overall well-being. Read More


Over 100,000 Children in Canada Improve Their Oral Health with Dental Benefit | July 21, 2023

Canada’s dental program has directly transformed the oral health of more than 100,000 children since the launch of its second benefit period. The program’s comprehensive coverage ensures vital dental services reach children in need, emphasizing preventative measures and regular check-ups. Through this initiative, young Canadians now enjoy improved dental well-being, promising a brighter and healthier future for generations to come. Read More

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