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Practitioner Highlight: Cait Downey

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Cait Downey is the Inventory control manager for the Paris Dental Centre in Paris Ontario. The practice was started by Dr. Mark Mahn 40 years ago and is now operated by Dr. Jonathan Mahn and David Mahn. This family practice of 13 dentists, specialists, and staff is a truly busy hub of activity devoted to restoring and enhancing the natural beauty of their patient’s smiles.   Cait considers herself a super user of the Sowingo platform and uses it in every aspect of her inventory management.  So, we asked her a few questions to share her knowledge and insights on keeping your inventory on track:  

What are some of your favourite features of Sowingo?

Sowingo is a complete game changer in the sense that not only am I able to have complete visibility of my inventory, but it also signals me when I’m getting low by highlighting the item.  I tell the system when I need a reminder and it keeps me on top of my thousands of supplies, so I am never out when I need something.   

What feature do you find most helpful? 

Efficiency is the name of the game at Paris Dental. We have adopted a LEAN culture which is basically creating a clean, organized workplace for sustainability, and this has helped make things more efficient. Part of the Lean process is using a ‘Kanban’ card system which is a visual signal card that allows us to track all inventory coming in and out the door. Sowingo helps us manage the inventory once it is here. If we take inventory out, we scan our Kanban cards, and the inventory is automatically removed from Sowingo. I don’t have to look in my inventory room, I simply look in Sowingo and I know exactly what inventory I have.  

What do you find saves you the most time?  

Ordering my supplies. I don’t even have to leave Sowingo to place orders. I can go into the Market Place — which offers me real-time pricing — and order directly from that screen. I even see what I usually order, the rate that I’ve used them at, and my minimums. It used to take me 3-4 hours to order my supplies and now it takes me only ½ hour. The shipping is fast, usually within three days, which is wonderful.   

What else can you tell us? 

There are so many things about Sowingo that help me be efficient each day. It tracks my expiration dates by product so if I have different batches with different dates, it keeps them all straight. The support team responds to my needs right away and I appreciate that.  Sowingo even helps with receiving orders. When they physically come in, Sowingo automatically prompts me to receive the packages. From budgeting to tracking usage of individual products, it certainly keeps me and our team on track. Plus, they are adding new functions all the time. I am passionate about Sowingo because of its innovation and all the things it offers to my daily work life, and how much easier it has made completing my daily tasks.   Paris Dental Centre 519-442-4452 Web: https://www.parisdentalcentre.com/

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