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Practitioner Highlight: Dr. Bobbi Stanley


Bobbi Stanley is an Adjunct Professor at the University of North Carolina School of Dentistry and for the last 28 years has run a successful practice in Cary, North Carolina offering family dentistry, orthodontics, surgery, and a complete suite of cosmetic dentistry services.  Her husband – Dr. Robert J. Stanley – recently joined the practice. 

Why did you start using Sowingo?

Most dentists don’t run their practices as a business. I focus on numbers to manage my practice and budget for supplies. We used to put our inventory on a white board – every order with subtotals.  This was not only tedious, but we never were able to keep an accurate budget. We also were not able to track inventory because we did not know if someone took the last item, or if they were expired. When I heard about Sowingo, I thought it was brilliant.  It gives me the opportunity to see inventory, budget spending, and have visibility to expiry dates. Sowingo has made it easy for our team members to know what we have in stock, where it is stored, expiry dates, and when we need to re-order.  

How was the implementation of Sowingo?

One of the biggest challenges in implementing Sowingo, was not the software, but managing change. Team members get nervous with new processes. Once Sowingo came and uploaded our inventory from our existing lists and scanned in our current inventory, we showed the team the new process using either iPads – that we keep in all the supply closets – or their own phones. We quickly had a system and scanning our inventory became routine for the entire team. It was really simple to get set up and it is really easy to use. 

What is your favourite Sowingo feature?

I like a lot of the features including budgeting, but one of my favourites is the inventory of dental implants.  We have a lot of implants, and it is important for us to record the lot numbers in case there is a recall.  In the past, if there were recalls, I would have to go into every patient chart.  Now with Sowingo, I have the patient names in the system so if I ever need to search, I have the information of which implants are in which patients. As well, Sowingo makes the Implant Association accreditation process easier.   I can simply download a list of all my implants placed in the last year and submit it. 

What is the biggest benefit of Sowingo?

There are quite a few. Control of overhead costs, optimization of resources, and inventory accuracy.  With Sowingo, I know my overhead numbers and I can budget and manage those costs.  As well, Sowingo is saving resources.  Prior to Sowingo, my dental assistants would be taken away from patient care to do inventory.  Now they can focus on the patient.  Not to mention, individuals always miss something, especially expiration dates.  When I implemented Sowingo, I had a huge pile of expired products worth 10’s of thousands of dollars.  Now, we don’t have that problem. 

What is your most inspirational Patient Story?

My favourite thing about being a dentist is being able to give someone a smile or a healthy mouth. That is priceless. I once did a makeover on a young woman who had a broken and black front tooth.  Her three boys called it mom’s booboo tooth. She was embarrassed to the point that she would not take her kids to school.  She came into the office and said, “My husband and I saved enough to get some dentures to fix my smile”.  We were able to restore her existing teeth to a beautiful smile without extractions or dentures.  Now, she is no longer embarrassed and shares her lovely smile on social media every Sunday with a family picture at Church. Minutes after she got her smile back, she said that now, because of her smile, she can be the mom that she wants to be for her kids.    

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Cary, North Carolina 27513
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