🎉 USOSM Selects Sowingo as its Clinical Supply Procurement and Inventory Management Platform.

Practitioner Highlight: Dr. Jean Provo


Dr. Jean Provo DDS, BSc. owns and runs an established dental practice in Abbotsford, BC. Since the purchase of the practice 13 years ago, the city – and the practice – has grown significantly.  Just before the pandemic they expanded to a new space and had the opportunity of modernizing and growing the office. 

What is unique about your practice?

At NOVO Dental Centre, we are a fully digital dentistry practice and have been for over three years. Digital dentistry is truly a game changer and has many benefits.  From a dentist’s perspective, once you tackle the learning curve and understand the software and equipment, it significantly increases the accuracy of your results, along with better efficiency and reproducibility in everyday tasks. When looking from a patient perspective, things are more seamless and they appreciate the speed in getting things done.  We can fix them up the same day without a two-week temporary crown, and time away from their busy schedules to come back for a second appointment.  Digital dentistry also helps us to stay current with what is happening in dentistry. 

The benefits of growing a dental practice during COVID: 

It may have seemed like bad timing to develop a new space just before the pandemic, but it turned out very well.  We added members to our team, expanded our office, and took advantage of the time to develop a new more modern clinic plan with surgically clean air, more space in between work areas, and more effective sterilization area that allows for better flow in the clinic.  We did a lot to adjust the office to new pandemic guidelines.  The practice is not only bigger, but we are also safer and ready for the future.

Why did you choose Sowingo?

I needed to streamline my purchasing process because of staff shortages.  I am a huge fan of software because it significantly increases the quality of life by taking over mundane and time-consuming tasks. With Sowingo, all my clinical information, expiry dates, inventory – and even my sterilization reports – are in the same place which makes my life easier.  It has helped me to stay organized and save tremendous amounts of time.  As well, I appreciate that Sowingo keeps expanding their capabilities, and as we grow and we need more, we like the frequent software updates with new features.  

What is your favourite Sowingo feature?

The expired supplies alert. I don’t have to do a full inventory – looking into each drawer – every six months anymore.  Now, Sowingo lets me know when things are about to expire and helps me manage my usage and ordering.  We used to throw out expired supplies, but now we have complete visibility of our inventory, and it has helped our bottom line because we throw out less.



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