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Practitioner Highlight: Dr. Shervin Abbaszadeh


Dr. Shervin Abbaszadeh started Clearly Orthodontics, his North York Orthodontics practice in 2007 and has since grown it significantly to include ten staff members. Just before the pandemic, Dr. Abbaszadeh secured more than double the existing office space to better accommodate his growing practice and continued to further incorporate new safety features as well as the latest technology for all aspects of the practice.   

What do you like best about being an Orthodontist?

Seeing the impact I can make on people’s lives, especially teens and young adults.  You can see the positive changes they go through in their maturation and self confidence in a short span of time.  After treatment, patients smile without worrying what their teeth look like, and that is truly gratifying.  

What is the biggest advancement in the industry?

Digital workflow and customization.  From day one, when setting up the practice – being paperless was a necessity.  This over time was then applied to 3D scanners when they became available, so that plaster models were no longer needed.  In addition, 3D scans then allowed for better collaboration with patients’ family dentist and other specialists.  Clear aligners when they were introduced offered a very high degree of customization.  This same level of ultra customization recently started with the advent of 3D printed fixed brackets, which allow numerous benefits over traditional fixed appliances – one of which is that every bracket is just the right fit, regardless of the patient’s tooth shape, and can be placed pretty much anywhere on the tooth, as the movement is precalculated Orthodontics today is really at the “next level” of customization. 

How has Sowingo benefited your practice?

I’ve been using Sowingo for a few years. I started because managing inventory with spreadsheets simply did not work for me. Now, I have all the information about pricing and purchase history down to a high degree of detail. I can estimate my next orders, see increase/decrease in usage, and even manage supplier pricing. All of which I could not do as efficiently before. 

What is your favourite Sowingo feature?

Other than giving me control and peace of mind over inventory and ordering, I like the certification tracking like CPR or HARP certification and the infection control checks & balances and emergency kit drug expiry. We know everything ahead of time. My office manager can schedule upcoming certification requirements − so we are always on top of it − and new employees have the information at their fingertips. As well, Sowingo marketplace allowed us to order N95 masks and Covid testing kits effortlessly.  

What is your best practice management tip?

Patients are fun to deal with and to treat, and the results so rewarding; the management of the business is the most challenging, especially with regulations, infection control protocols and other requirements. I try to use technology to our benefit at every corner, as often it can help in ways that are not initially apparent.  Whether being paperless, using advanced telephone systems with rich features not offered by traditional phone companies or using online forms. . When we managed inventory with spreadsheets, we never had accurate data. With technology like Sowingo, I have detailed, and actionable inventory data and our ordering has been streamlined. I’ve always tried to be at the forefront of technological advancements, and I feel it is central to the brand of my practice and the care of my patients. 


Clearly Orthodontics 


304- 1100 Sheppard Ave E., North York, ON M2K 2W1

(416) 226-5050




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