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Practitioner Highlight: Dr. Timucin Ari

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Dr. Timucin Ari is a Certified Specialist in Pediatric Dentistry and purchased the Dentistry for Kids in London Ontario three years ago.  The practice includes other partner pediatric dentists, has been in London for 22 years and has a great reputation. Dr. Ari’s practice focuses on children and specializes in treatment approaches to overcome anxiety surrounding dental care.

We asked Dr. Ari a few questions to share with you about how to run a successful dental practice.  

What is your Philosophy?

Our philosophy at Dentistry for Kids is to put our patients first.  I know everyone says that, but we really do.   Our goal is to prevent dental disease altogether, and that means preventing any problems or addressing them at an early stage and taking all the steps required to do so, which means very personalized care for our patients.  

How does technology play a part in your practice?

Since day one, the practice has focused on implementing technology.   We started the process of going paperless in 2010 and became 100% paperless in 2015.  Everything in the practice is now done by tablet, computer, or phone.  Patients sign consent forms on an iPad, we message patients via text, and all our documents are digitally stored. 

What do you think is key to having such a successful practice?

The Dentistry for Kids is a busy practice.  We see approximately forty patients a day, as well as 8-10 operations – even with COVID-19 and all the social distancing precautions we are still able to see a lot of patients.  Tools like Sowingo are necessary in the running of the practice with this much volume because it helps us ensure we have the right PPE, tools, and equipment we need, when we need them. 

How do you use Sowingo?  

Everywhere: We had so much success with taking patient care paperless, that we wanted to be proactive and extend it to every part of the business.   I requested a demo and right away I knew that Sowingo was a game changer.   We already had bar code scanners for our inventory, but we still had to manually update numbers and orders, and we were really looking to implement a software that was seamless.   Now, we use Sowingo across the practice.   All staff – including assistants, dentists, and dental hygienists– use it when they take a product from the storage unit, with their cell phones, or the office iPad.   

Getting Deals: The inventory updates automatically and helps me make informed purchasing decisions.  What I like the most is that with one touch, I can see my inventory and I can take advantage of special deals and promotions.  I instantly know what I have in inventory and know that it is accurate.  This allows me to buy limited time offers without ordering more than I need and it saves the practice a lot of money. 

Keeping Us Organized:  Before Sowingo, our storage area had stacks of gloves, masks, and all sorts of things piled up, and I would make order decisions based on how high the pile was.  Now, I scan the product sticker which tells me exactly how much inventory I have – including inventory being used or stored in a different area of the practice. I don’t have to chase people down to find out what we have.  And, I have access to that information even when I’m on vacation anywhere around the world and I can order supplies with the click of a button.  

Favorite Sowingo Feature:  Keeping Track of Sterilization:  Since COVID-19, we started keeping track of sterilization in Sowingo.  Instead of having a lot of paper records, we use Sowingo’s APP.  Our staff simply takes one photo – instead of tons of paperwork – and uploads it to add to the complete history of the sterilization process. Everything is in one place and recorded so that if we have an audit or inspection, we can simply show our Sowingo results as evidence.  It really saves a lot of hassle and we love using the system.  


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