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Practitioner Highlight: Shannon Williams


Shannon Williams is the Clinical administrator for the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons of Utah which consists of 4 office locations and 4 doctors. She has worked for the practice for over six years, oversees the clinical teams and is responsible for the management of inventory across all locations. 


What was it like before you implemented Sowingo?

Before Sowingo, we had trouble with expired inventory and ordering was a challenge with consistency across the various offices – especially with expired products. We would have frequent manual counts just to understand what we had on hand and what we needed to order. It used to take a lot of resources and time away from other duties.  Now, we have one account for all our locations, ordering is centralized, and it saves us meeting time that we can now spend with patients. 


How was it rolling out Sowingo?

The longest part was scanning in our existing inventory. The Sowingo team helped us by importing our products into the platform. We then scanned everything, which did take some time initially – but it was all worth it because we only had to do it once.  Now, the ongoing counts are a thing of the past and all we need to do is scan a barcode to understand what we have on hand across four locations in real time. 


What are your favourite functions of Sowingo?

I love a lot of things, but my favorite is absolutely the drug expiration report. It helps me keep a close eye on our budget and planning and saves us from throwing out valuable inventory or ordering more than we need. Sowingo provides me with real time actionable data.  We are more accurate with purchasing, and it also allows us to email POs to our reps with our different suppliers. Sowingo sends me a notification which prompts me to order, right from the platform. It also helps me match all the POs with purchasing, so there are no more billing errors. 


How does Sowingo help most?

As clinical administrator, I oversee a team of administrators doing the ordering.  Sowingo has helped reduce the amount of time we spend ordering, and it lets me ensure that the Dentists have what they need when they need it, especially with specific and high-priced inventory items such as implants.  With implants, it is a fine line to navigate the shelf inventory with what patients need while not overextending ourselves from a budgetary perspective.  The reporting function lets me manage that closely across four locations and with multiple people ordering.  


How has a Sowingo feature helped you with your job:

It’s helped me with new employees without putting the practice in jeopardy or micromanaging. Some of the medications are for emergencies – our crash cart for example – that are imperative to have on hand even if we don’t use them frequently.  The expiration tab is amazing for alerting me to potential inventory needs, but it also allows me to put minimums in the system.  With minimums set, new employees have the information they need without extensive training.  Sowingo alerts us to any shortfall of vital medications, which we can add to the shopping cart easily – while I have access to monitor all of it. It saves my whole team time, and I can be assured we have what we need on hand for basic practice necessities or life saving medications.   


Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons of Utah





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