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Learn more about how your practice can track all your implants, cover screws, healing abutments, bone grafts & membranes to reduce inventory wastage.

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All the features, none of the hassle

Sowingo provides a full suite of inventory management and compliance features, perfect for running a successful practice.

Implant tracking

Track all implants, healing abutments, cover screws, bone grafts, and membranes by lot number and expiry date.

Scan products in & out

With our dedicated iOS app, easily keep track of inventory by scanning products in and out.

Never run out of supplies

Set alerts when products are about to expire or run low, and never be caught off guard again.

Detailed placement reports

Log and monitor all patient data through our cloud-based system, including the number of implants placed per doctor.

Complete visibility

Real-time reporting keeps spending and supply availability up-to-date and accessible from anywhere.

Track all medications

Monitor all general and emergency medications, set low stock and expiration alerts.

Experience the peace of mind of inventory management

Use the Sowingo app to quickly scan new and existing inventory to update your database. Lot number and expiry date details are provided with tracking by storage location.

Be alerted of low and expiring implant inventory

Reduce implant and regenerative wastage with inventory alerts. Avoid the liability association with stocking expired products by automating first in, first out (FIFO) with complete office visibility.

Access all implant placement reports at a glance

Log and monitor all patient data through our cloud-based system, including the number of implants placed per doctor. If the patient was referred, you can log the referring doctor as well, all with detailed reports.

Manage orders and recalls with a simple search

Reserve inventory products for patients and label consignment items from manufacturers. If an implant has been recalled, quickly search by lot number and find the effected patient.

Some of the most influential practices use Sowingo

“Not only do I use Sowingo in my North Carolina dental practice, I recommend Sowingo during my implant and business courses at Stanley Institute for Comprehensive Dentistry. Clinicians looking for help in their dual roles as business owner and dentist must try Sowingo.”

Dr. Bobbi Stanley

Owner – Stanley Dentistry

Start optimizing your practice today

Learn how Sowingo can digitize manual processes to help your practice purchase, track and manage inventory with ease.

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