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10 Things They Don’t Tell You After Graduate Dental School

Beyond the dental podcast with Jimmy Kim

You graduated dental school, now what?

Do you start your own practice?  Or work with a dental group? How do you set up your office, hire staff and market yourself? Whether you are a new graduate or have been practicing for many years, this episode will help you avoid the traps that many dental practitioners fall into.  Dr. Paul Bhatti has opened clinics in North America and currently operates 3 practices.  In today’s episode, he will share what he has learned over the years and what it takes to succeed as a dentist:

  • Difference between owning your practice & working with a dental group
  • How to hire staff and the best HR practices to use
  • How to market your practice with little or no start up cash flow
  • Why it’s important to connect and build relationships with other dental practices
  • What it takes to open your own practice
  • How to track and save money with your dental inventory
  • Staying healthy as a dental practitioner

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About the podcast

Sharing how to effectively incorporate technology to make your dental practice be more profitable, efficient and most importantly, to enable you to care for your patients better. This is Dr. Paul Bhatti and Jimmy Kim’s mission as they interview leaders and pioneers in new dental tech and discuss their own hurdles and successes as entrepreneurs.

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