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How AI and Machine Learning Enhance Patient Care in Dentistry || w/Guest Dr. Kyle Stanley

Beyond the dental podcast with Dr. Kyle Stanley


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already improving the quality of dental care by using image detection technology, dental classification and segmentation. It can even help to identify early stages of cancer in patients.

The surface has only been scratched when it comes to AI applications in patient care.

In today’s show we are speaking with Chief Clinical Officer Dr. Kyle Stanley from HelloPearl to discuss all things on artificial intelligence in the field of dental industry.

In todays show we cover:

  • Computer vision and its application in dental care using AI
  • How  AI tools help dentists make better diagnosis
  • How exactly AI tools are used to improve patient outcome
  • Current status of Dental Tech
  • How to build patient and practitioners trust in AI technology
  • Mental health of dentists and how to identify it

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