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Cavitron Prophy-Jet and Jet-Fresh Powder, 13 oz Bottle | Prophy-Jet

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Jet-Fresh is a sodium-free prophylaxis powder; delivers cool, refreshing mint taste with efficient stain removal ability; flow property avoids powder residue buildup and the creation of blockages in air-polishing products; safe enough for routine polishing
Prophy-Jet is a mint-flavored sodium bicarbonate powder for professional air polishing prophylaxis procedures; allows removal of a variety of extrinsic stains (e.g., tobacco, coffee, tea and chlorhexidine); also indicated for prophylaxis of orthodontic patients and preparation of tooth surfaces prior to bonding and sealant procedures
Compatible with Cavitron Prophy-Jet air polishing system and Cavitron Jet with SPS units

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