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Grandio Flow Universal Flowable Composite Restorative – 2 g Syringe Refill with Type 44 Tips, 2/Pkg | Shade B1

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Grandio Flow is a flowable, nanohybrid composite indicated for filling small cavities (Class I) along with Class II and V restorations, extended fissure sealing, repairing fillings and veneers, luting of translucent prosthetic pieces (e.g. porcelain-only crowns, veneers) and block out of undercuts.

Optimal flowability
Significantly lower polymerization shrinkage than conventional flowables
Very good abrasion resistance
High transverse strength
Can be used with all conventional bonding agents
Thixotropic material that will “flow on demand” without slumping
NDT (nondripping-technology) syringe can be dosed and applied precisely without any loss of material
Excellent wetting properties Contains: 2 (2 g) syringes and intraoral tips type 44

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