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XCP-DS FIT Universal Sensor Positioning System, Complete Kit

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Rinn XCP-DS FIT Universal Autoclavable Sensor Holders are digital X-ray holders designed to fit all popular sensors. A self-adjusting clip accommodates larger size 2 and smaller size 1 sensors. The XCP-DS FIT biteblocks are compatible with XCP-ORA and XCP aiming rings and positioning arms.

Silicone protects patient and sensor cover from hard edges
Easy to use and fast loading design
Color coded for easy assembly

Complete Kit includes: 1 XCP-ORA, 1 endo aiming ring, 1 endo arm, 10 biteblocks (two of each: anterior, posterior, horizontal bitewing, vertical bitewing and endo) Contains 10 XCP-DS FIT bite blocks, 2 of each: anterior, posterior, horizontal bitewing, vertical bitewing, endo; 1 XCP-ORA arm; 1 endo aiming ring; 1 endo arm

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