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Dental Assistant Resources

With a range of tasks you can be asked to support, finding the right resource can be challenging. We’ve put together information that we think you will find useful when you need a little help.

Sterilization & Infection Control

One of many critical tasks that the office needs to be up-to-date on is sterilization. It can be hard to navigate the changing requirements and know what your doing is right. Fortunately Sowingo, has built in guides which help in case of a failed test. For general sterilization resource:
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Implant Assisting

Are you going to be assisting for the first time at an office that does implants? Or your current clinic is going to start performing implants? Beside preparing the room and having the right materials on hand it can be hard to differentiate implant lines and sizing. Sowingo helps those involved in implants especially assistants scan and be able to verify the exact implant, expiry and details. Learn more about preparing a room for implants.
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Promotion to Office Manager

Usually a practice owner looks to promote those that they trust and already demonstrate taking on responsibilities of an office manager. Depending on the office this duties can involve ordering and managing supplies as well as scheduling. Showing that you have the ability to not only take on these tasks but improve production efficiency with with tools such as Sowingo can help demonstrate your potential.
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