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Office Manager Resources

Being an office manager you’re responsible for many aspects of the practice and finding the right resources can be challenging. We’ve put together information that we think you will find useful when you need a little help.

Reports and Spending

Understanding how, when & where your money is being spent is extremely helpful when you are responsible for a budget. Not only can you monitor what products your staff is ordering but also understand whether those are the products you need and determining when the right time is to order. With Sowingo, you can instantly review detailed spend reports and get a better insight to better plan and negotiate with vendors to avoid last minute orders, and ensure your office always has what it needs to function efficiently. Learn More

Preparing for Implants

Are you going to an office that does implants? Or your current clinic wants to perform implants? Besides preparing the room and having the right materials on hand it can be hard to differentiate implant lines and sizing. Sowingo helps those involved in implants, by easily providing tracking, recording and alerts such as expiry, helping to make it a successful transition. Learn more about preparing for implants by talking to a Sowingo rep today. Learn more.


There can be so much to manage. It is not just about sterilization and SDS, but also involves certification management and much more. It is challenging as these requirements are include all staff certifications and immunization records, equipment maintenance and servicing records, as well as mandatory office permits that are all crucial to the practice’s compliance. The same is true for sterilization, and all staff must follow the appropriate guidelines. OSAP has a wealth of resources in this area. Learn more.

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Learn how Sowingo can digitize manual processes to help your practice purchase, track and manage inventory with ease.

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